Rape and AC

[13:41] <jose_074> i can't help, your society is clearly different than mine and if i tell you what to do with a girl on the first date you'll probably end in jail
[13:41] <@ocentertainment> jose_074: wtf do you guys do on a date?

[13:41] <BuddyRuddy> they do S&M
[13:41] <BuddyRuddy> in the alleyway
[13:41] <Thizzmark> gropiiiiiing
[13:42] <TomServo> "I'll pick you up at 7, bring the whip."
[13:42] <jose_074> if someone arrange a date with you it's for sex in the 90% of cases
[13:42] <@FutureShock> Wow
[13:42] <jose_074> love and air aconditioner comes later
[13:42] <@ocentertainment> wait, love and air conditioner?!
[13:42] <@ocentertainment> WHAT THE FUCK?
[13:42] <Thizzmark> lol airconditioner
[13:42] <TomServo> love and air conditioning?

[13:43] <TomServo> where exactly are you?
[13:43] <@FutureShock> They do it outside
[13:43] <Thizzmark> looool
[13:43] <Thizzmark> i cant stop luaghing
[13:43] <@ocentertainment> Thizzmark: I take it back. THAT'S the funniest thing I've read all day. sorry man
[13:43] <Thizzmark> i agree
[13:44] <jose_074> when you set up a house, you move in and later you realize that you doesn't have heater, a/c, electricity, internet, tv, etc. there comes the gag "it comes later"
[13:45] <@ocentertainment> jose_074: that is a delightful, yet very specifically argentinian phrase.
[13:45] <@ocentertainment> …or wherever you're from.
[13:45] <Thizzmark> lol
[13:46] <jose_074> not exactly. the original idea was in the '80s while the telephone services were owned by the state. could you imagine that? you had to wait for months to get a landline (in a era which obviously cellphones didn't exist)
[13:46] * Decad3nce (~moc.rr.ser.16868e32.fa4f06e2|2civogeba#moc.rr.ser.16868e32.fa4f06e2|2civogeba) has joined #whitenoise
[13:46] * LocutusOfBorg sets mode: +h Decad3nce
[13:47] <jose_074> but if it's argentinian or not… i'll ask my mother later.
[13:47] <BuddyRuddy> haha
[13:47] <BuddyRuddy> yes, we NEED confirmation
[13:47] <BuddyRuddy> but that IS good
[13:47] <TomServo> in fact
[13:47] <TomServo> go now
[13:47] <TomServo> I
[13:47] <BuddyRuddy> so you get all sexy time, then fall in love?
[13:47] <TomServo> CAN'T
[13:47] <TomServo> WAIT!
[13:48] <BuddyRuddy> i like that plan
[13:48] <jose_074> yes, rape her, makes sense (?)

[13:48] * SenorPoopypants (~X634fca01.fea36a6.c53d6723.f421e4c2|aloh#X634fca01.fea36a6.c53d6723.f421e4c2|aloh) has joined #whitenoise
[13:48] <@ocentertainment> WTF?!!?!
[13:48] <BuddyRuddy> lol
[13:48] <golf_nut> rape is always a great icebreaker

[13:48] <BuddyRuddy> none
[13:48] <BuddyRuddy> none at all
[13:48] <TomServo> WTF SenorPoopypants!?
[13:48] * TomServo glares
[13:49] <@FutureShock> Why are you glaring at senor
[13:49] * @ocentertainment cannot breath, laughing too hard.
[13:49] <TomServo> he was all "I can't play any more counter strike I'm going to bed"
[13:49] <TomServo> I don't think he's actually there though
[13:49] <@ocentertainment> TomServo: maybe you haven't started talking to him properly. have you tried raping him?
[13:50] * @FutureShock (~X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf#X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:50] <TomServo> hmmm…. let my penis do the talking….
[13:50] <jose_074> not rape sure… once i've kissed a girl i like, and when i touch'd her lips she froze (both were stand up) i thought i had sucess and send my tongue into her. three seconds later she suddenly step back and said "please get out of my house now"
[13:50] <TomServo> hadn't thought of it that way….
[13:50] <BuddyRuddy> LOL
[13:50] * TomServo unzips
[13:50] <TomServo> nah, I'll let him sleep
[13:50] * FutureShock (~X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf#X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf) has joined #whitenoise
[13:50] * LocutusOfBorg sets mode: +o FutureShock
[13:50] <@ocentertainment> LOOOOOL
[13:50] <@FutureShock> Stupid wifi
[13:50] <golf_nut> <— is really enjoy jose_074
[13:50] <@ocentertainment> dammit, future you missed the best thing ever.
[13:50] <BuddyRuddy> <— is too
[13:50] <golf_nut> enjoying*
[13:50] <@FutureShock> Stupid etc
[13:51] <@ocentertainment> "<jose_074> not rape sure… once i've kissed a girl i like, and when i touch'd her lips she froze (both were stand up) i thought i had sucess and send my tongue into her. three seconds later she suddenly step back and said "please get out of my house now""
[13:51] <%Decad3nce> Anyone have the link to iphone comapared to a rock
[13:51] <%Decad3nce> I'd like to throw it at Jesus
[13:51] <BuddyRuddy> theres one with the iPad vs Maxipad
[13:51] <BuddyRuddy> dunno where the rock is
[13:51] <Thizzmark> ohgod
[13:51] <jose_074> did someone take seriously jesus? (both the gizmodo and the heaven one)
[13:51] <Thizzmark> why werent you this funny yesterday?
[13:52] <BuddyRuddy> lol
[13:52] <TomServo> http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&tbs=isch:1&sa=1&q=ipad+vs+rock&aq=f&aqi=g-s1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&start=0
[13:52] * @FutureShock (~X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf#X85e09161.3fead21.6ced52c1.70795cc|ohserutuf) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi)
[13:53] <@ocentertainment> I'm sorry, why are we talking about the iPhone? I want to hear more about argentinian rape-love.
[13:53] <jose_074> was a misunderstood
[13:53] * TomServo is now known as TomServo|HairCut
[13:53] <@ocentertainment> oh, I'm sorry. that is not the proper way to begin a conversation, I'm sorry.
[13:53] * @ocentertainment rapes BuddyRuddy.
[13:53] <@ocentertainment> now we can begin.
[13:53] * BuddyRuddy was raped
[13:53] <jose_074> not funny in that moment
[13:53] <@ocentertainment> jose_074: no, I know. that can be hard.
[13:53] <jose_074> now she and i are kinda friends again
[13:53] <BuddyRuddy> i bet it wasn't
[13:54] <@ocentertainment> jose_074: maybe you could try raping someone else to make her jealous.
[13:54] <jose_074> no, never more
[13:54] <@ocentertainment> or take buddy's advice. just lay off the raping for a while. make her want you to rape her.
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> ^BINOGO
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> sonuva!
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> BINGO
[13:55] <@ocentertainment> hahaha. Binogo.

[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> sounds like a board game
[13:55] <jose_074> you didn't saw her ass
[13:55] <Thizzmark> this makes no sense, wehn does the airconditioner come in?
[13:55] <jose_074> i did
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> a diff board game
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> as bingo also is played with boards
[13:55] <BuddyRuddy> that ive sat on
[13:55] <@ocentertainment> BuddyRuddy: I hope you raped the lady who reads the numbers before you started playing. it's customary.
[13:56] <BuddyRuddy> she's still tied up as we speak
[13:56] <@ocentertainment> have you had success with your tongue?
[13:56] <BuddyRuddy> i threw it into her whether she like it or not
[13:56] <BuddyRuddy> hence the raping
[13:57] <@ocentertainment> success!
[13:57] <jose_074> almost :(
[13:57] <@ocentertainment> jose_074: it's ok, Jose. you'll success some day.
[13:57] <BuddyRuddy> i wanna go to argentina
[13:58] <jose_074> you cannot rape girls here, we have even stricter laws against rapists, child molesters and music teachers than yours
[13:58] <@ocentertainment> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[13:58] <BuddyRuddy> i wont call it rape, does that work?
[13:58] <@ocentertainment> I swear, you are doing this on purpose now.
[13:59] <@ocentertainment> music teachers? MUSIC TEACHERS?
[13:59] <BuddyRuddy> OMG HOW DID I NOT CATCH THAT!?!?!

[13:59] <BuddyRuddy> today is going to be a good day
[13:59] <BuddyRuddy> haha
[14:00] <@ocentertainment> I keep laughing in my office. I'm going to get fired.
[14:00] * %Decad3nce agreed with Jesus on a statement
[14:01] <Thizzmark> lol
[14:01] <Thizzmark> this is too good

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