Magical Entrances

04/14/10 [17:19] <@ocentertainment> I think Jon Stewart delivers some of the best potty humor.
[17:20] * Cairnage (~ac.lleb.lsd.6af0e31.c53d6723|311eniac#ac.lleb.lsd.6af0e31.c53d6723|311eniac) has joined #whitenoise
[17:21] <@ocentertainment> I think his childishness just counterpoints really well with the super-uppity, snooty, faux proper news orgs and politics.
[17:21] <Cairnage> Jesus got a job at fox?

04/19/2010 [12:54] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> fucksecks
[12:54] * laylaholic (ten.mocrie.nilbud.01b25b12.6b5ba7d3|tahcbew#ten.mocrie.nilbud.01b25b12.6b5ba7d3|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[12:54] <Lacara|Essay> Woo fucksex!
[12:54] <Benguin> Now that's a good line to come into the chat with

4/28/2010 [13:00] <ottermann> all right….I'm gonna go succumb to my allergies and let them finally kill me.
[13:00] <ottermann> I'll be back when I return as a zombie
[13:01] == ottermann [~ten.mmocmaertsria.lsd.b11fa073.699fc1d|nnamretto#ten.mmocmaertsria.lsd.b11fa073.699fc1d|nnamretto] has left #WHITENOISE []
[13:01] == billcantfart [~moc.ncr.elbac.ceff3831.70795cc|ftnacllib#moc.ncr.elbac.ceff3831.70795cc|ftnacllib] has joined #whitenoise
[13:01] <@ocentertainment> he returned as billcantfart?
[13:01] <@ocentertainment> shooooot

4/29/10 [00:21] * ThizzNasty (X3378fd63.acea13f2.bfc3b67.7ff699d2|tahcbew#X3378fd63.acea13f2.bfc3b67.7ff699d2|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[00:21] <Lacara> BuddyRuddy|fucksecks: Your tongue is caution tape?
[00:21] <jasmine> it feels so wierd!
[00:21] <ThizzNasty> WOAHH

5/11/10 [21:58] * billcantfart (~moc.ncr.elbac.ceff3831.70795cc|ftnacllib#moc.ncr.elbac.ceff3831.70795cc|ftnacllib) has joined #whitenoise
[21:58] <@ocentertainment> Plex: there is nothing ok about a (pretend?!) twelve-year-old telling me to put my penis in every orifice
[21:58] <%Plex> jas…don't worry about OC…there are plenty others
[21:59] <billcantfart> whoa

5/27/10 [13:44] <N7> MarcusMaximus: i used to have that phone
[13:44] <MarcusMaximus> N7: then you're a pedophile
[13:44] <N7> i am?
[13:44] <MarcusMaximus>
[13:44] <N7> i guess my wife is too, she had one as well
[13:44] * mattytwoshoes (~moc.rr.ser.71621d81.dad367a|ekacyttam#moc.rr.ser.71621d81.dad367a|ekacyttam) has joined #whitenoise
[13:44] <MarcusMaximus> makes sense, you looked at child porn together
[13:44] <mattytwoshoes> whoa whoa whoa
[13:44] <mattytwoshoes> i came in at the wrong time
[13:44] * mattytwoshoes (~1621d81.dad367a|ekacyttam#1621d81.dad367a|ekacyttam Quit (Client exited)

5/27/10 [15:56] * experiment626 (X634fca01.80365553.dca55b52.c0eda311|tahcbew#X634fca01.80365553.dca55b52.c0eda311|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[15:56] <Lacara> Plex: I agree. Have the animal tell you "yes, I want to have sex with you" and I'm fine with it.
[15:57] <experiment626> what an ideal time to step into the chat…

6/28/10 [15:56] * Caine (ten.elbacogc.1laicremmoc.438ffe01.2bb54b6|tahcbew#ten.elbacogc.1laicremmoc.438ffe01.2bb54b6|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[15:56] <Caine> Jasmine
[15:56] <Caine> You here?
[15:57] <Caine> If you are don't mention at all what I'm getting Lisa. She's standing right next to me.
[15:57] <Caine> Is anyone here?
[15:57] <Caine> Were you all just talking and then decide to stop because I joined the room
[15:57] <Caine> ?
[15:57] <Caine> You know what?
[15:57] <Caine> Fuck you all.
[15:57] * Caine (ten.elbacogc.1laicremmoc.438ffe01.2bb54b6|tahcbew#ten.elbacogc.1laicremmoc.438ffe01.2bb54b6|tahcbew) Quit (Quit: FUCK YOU)

03[21:09] * VlXlA (ten.dnaloag.ver.ee16e112.68880191|tahcbew#ten.dnaloag.ver.ee16e112.68880191|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[21:09] <Bant> Hey VlXlA!
[21:10] <zmx15> 9:08pm] Bant: There's such thing as penis origami.
[21:10] <VlXlA> oO
[21:10] <%Bant> THERE IS
[21:10] <jose_074> you have a retractable penis?
[21:11] <VlXlA> ok rofl, cya guys
[21:11] <%Bant> o,O
[21:11] <%Bant> That was short lived.
[21:11] <%Bant> Come back soon!
06[21:11] * %Bant dances.
[21:11] <VlXlA> idk
06[21:11] * %Bant steals VlXlA's wallet pizza.
[21:11] <VlXlA> thanks for the dance
06[21:11] * %Bant giggles.
[21:11] <VlXlA> :P
02[21:11] * VlXlA (ten.dnaloag.ver.ee16e112.68880191|tahcbew#ten.dnaloag.ver.ee16e112.68880191|tahcbew) Quit (Quit: Page closed)

7/28/10[21:49] * mattycakes (~moc.rr.ser.5c9951.72d5d893|ekacyttam#moc.rr.ser.5c9951.72d5d893|ekacyttam) has joined #whitenoise
[21:50] <rjp> put em on the table and measure em
[21:50] <rjp> 19 inches!
[21:50] <mattycakes> oh wow
[21:50] <mattycakes> awwwwkward
[21:50] * mattycakes (~moc.rr.ser.5c9951.72d5d893|ekacyttam#moc.rr.ser.5c9951.72d5d893|ekacyttam) Quit (Client exited)

8/24/10 [10:12] * Lord_Data (~ten.tsacmoc.nm.a4a2b9f2.74c88942|7tahCecI#ten.tsacmoc.nm.a4a2b9f2.74c88942|7tahCecI) has joined #whitenoise
[10:12] <N7> seventhexile: go bang a hooker, it will clear your head… both of them
[10:12] <Lord_Data> …what did I just step into…

11/2/10 [20:06] * ithrewitontheground (||51503) has joined #whitenoise
[20:07] <@Plex> well obviously he loves your boobs
[20:07] <ithrewitontheground> so

11/2/10 [20:21] * The_Wizard (X770f43d2.beb3fe41.b57f3223.3fead21|tahcbew#X770f43d2.beb3fe41.b57f3223.3fead21|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[20:22] <The_Wizard> Hello?
[20:22] <HC> no
[20:23] <The_Wizard> ok. Sorry
[20:24] <The_Wizard> I'll just stand in the corner.
[20:25] * The_Wizard (X770f43d2.beb3fe41.b57f3223.3fead21|tahcbew#X770f43d2.beb3fe41.b57f3223.3fead21|tahcbew) Quit (Quit: Page closed)

11/4/10 [21:51] * e_Curves (moc.rr.ser.68880191.9bc64802|tahcbew#moc.rr.ser.68880191.9bc64802|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[21:51] <ThizzNasty1> Cartman - Try this on for size. Blood-drenched, frozen tampon popsicle!
[21:51] <@ocentertainment> I want to do this too
[21:51] <e_Curves> ew

12/29/10 [15:07] <Lord_Data> If I had unlimited moniez, I would want this:
[15:07] <Lord_Data>
[15:08] <@ocentertainment> Lord_Data: talk to Cyber_punk. HE HAS UNLIMITED MONIEZ.
[15:08] <Lord_Data> so it would seem
[15:15] * Cyb3r_Punk (~ea.ten.limahsla.e78f4fd1.5a6f8df2|suomynona#ea.ten.limahsla.e78f4fd1.5a6f8df2|suomynona) has joined #whitenoise
[15:15] <Lord_Data> speak of the devil
[15:15] <Cyb3r_Punk> …
[15:16] * Cyb3r_Punk (~ea.ten.limahsla.e78f4fd1.5a6f8df2|suomynona#ea.ten.limahsla.e78f4fd1.5a6f8df2|suomynona) Quit (Quit: Cyb3r_Punk)
[15:17] <Lord_Data> now I feel bad
[15:17] <jmurph05> you're a horrible person
[15:18] <Lord_Data> you're making it worse

1/4/10 [21:47] * ithrewitontheground (||51503) has joined #whitenoise
[21:47] <e_Curves> i said its not gay of a man and woman do it
[21:47] <e_Curves> she was PISSED she said YES IT IS
[21:47] <ithrewitontheground> uhm
[21:48] <e_Curves> needless to say I did not take my moms advice on anything
[21:48] * ithrewitontheground steps out of the room

4/6/11 [13:57] <@Ravenscraft> so. for my first noisecast article, I want to make reference to "Eleanor Roosevelt's vibrator"
[13:57] * PearCair (ten.elbacogc.4emoh.6672dc63.b202e132|tahcbew#ten.elbacogc.4emoh.6672dc63.b202e132|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[13:58] <PearCair> Mmmm
[13:58] * PearCair is hot and wet

5/5/11 [12:35] * e_Curves (moc.rr.ser.68880191.9bc64802|tahcbew#moc.rr.ser.68880191.9bc64802|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[12:35] <e_Curves> hi all
[12:36] <e_Curves> lmao

6/1/11 [14:44] * %N7 licks Plex
[14:44] * generalissimo (lim.yvan.icmn.f2769d62.58c3e9a1|tahcbew#lim.yvan.icmn.f2769d62.58c3e9a1|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[14:44] <@Plex> n7: yeah baby….lick it
[14:45] <generalissimo> …

10/09/11 [22:07] <@ocentertainment> "My boyfriend and I drink each other's semen. We don’t have oral sex because we believe it is forbidden by the scripture. We believe that it is the way God intended us to be - just like David and Jonathan."
[22:07] * tawnie (||einwat) has joined #whitenoise
[22:07] <@ocentertainment> "the Bible doesn’t say anything about them having sex or swallowing each other’s semen. You and your friend would be better off each drinking your own semen, as described above. If you want to do it together, that’s probably OK, as long as you don’t touch each other."
[22:07] <@ocentertainment> oh hi tawnie.
[22:07] <@ocentertainment> >.>
[22:07] <@ocentertainment> <.<

10/18/12 [16:14] <MarcusMaximus> so you have the batshit crazy from the mormons combined with the pedophilia of the catholics
[16:15] == HCskool [ude.usa.tan.634fca01.a6922073|tahcbew#ude.usa.tan.634fca01.a6922073|tahcbew] has joined #whitenoise
[16:15] <@Lord_Data> strange bedfellows indeed
[16:15] <HCskool> Lord_Data: i will not let you take me to bed again

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