[18:54] <%zmx15> once upon a time, ocentertainment was going to…
[18:55] <@jazzerina> zmx15: take over the irc from odin
[18:55] <%zmx15> jazzerina: when suddenly he encountered a/n
[18:55] <@ocentertainment> fuck. two lines in and jazzerina and zmx15 are already about to get me assassinated…
[18:56] <@jazzerina> zmx15: so he had to call upon a person from his past for help… billcantfart
[18:57] <%zmx15> him and billcantfart met behind the local arby's dumpster and
[18:57] <@jazzerina> zmx15: they plotted their assasination of sir odin, and all who stood in their way
[18:58] <%zmx15> ocentertainment and bill decided to blow up the
[18:58] <@jazzerina> sex house they had built for eachother
[18:59] <%zmx15> and use the AIDS splinters to kill Odin.
[18:59] <@jazzerina> but there was a kink in their plans
[18:59] <%zmx15> Little did they know, Gibblechip had been following them all along.
[19:00] <@jazzerina> Gibblechip was an interesting one; his powers of stupidity and obnoxiousness were highly underestimated. And he even had a secret weapon…
[19:01] <%zmx15> a troll bomb so deadly it would kill all brain cells within a 5 mile radius. bill and ocentertainment had to stop it, so they
[19:02] <@jazzerina> called on the interwebs' favorite superheroine- Rosa!
[19:03] <%zmx15> Rosa swooped down from the sky and used her soothing voice to destroy gibblechip, but then
[19:04] <@jazzerina> sir odin changed his nick to… Thor, and slammed down on ocentertainment and billcantfart with his fiery ircbanhammer!
[19:05] == mode/#whitenoise [+b *!*] by ocentertainment
[19:05] == ocentertainment was kicked from #whitenoise by ocentertainment [ocentertainment]

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