Getting to #whitenoise

There are two routes to #whitenoise. Through a web client or a local IRC client. I recommend using a local client as they tend to be a bit more robust but the web clients are great for getting to a channel while at work or on a public computer.

Things to keep in mind for either route:

As a courtesy please use the same name you use for your Gizmodo commenter account or a similar enough variant. This isn't something we plan on enforcing but it'd be nice to be able to identify other users with little hassle. Registering your nickname is helpful but not required. For how to do that as well as a bunch of other basic stuff on IRC check out the following:

Web client:

Enter your name and the channel (#whitenoise) and away you go.

Local client:
Download and install a client (e.g. []) and then there's a few ways to get in to the channel:
Use the server browser to select the correct server ( and then type "/j #whitenoise" and hit enter.
On the server window type: "/s -j #whitenoise".
Click the following link and select the appropriate program to open it: [irc://]

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