Dynamic Static

04/12/10 [17:52] <@FutureShock> All women that come in her get op status

04/12/10 [18:59] <+mattycakes|doubledown> I WANT IT BIG THICK AND CRISPY

04/14/10 [16:30] <[N7]incubushead> i cant figure out how to do a bulk find and replace in a Text type sql column. i can do it in varchar colums easy but NOOOOOO, text fields have to be a cock!

04/16/10 [11:50] * !Odin|Work needs to look into becoming a hot swedish teen

04/22/10 [16:27] <Cair> I licked my USB cable to see if it carrys a current
[16:27] <Cair> I didn't think it would be that strong

04/22/10 [17:53] <SenorPoopypants> its just rape

4/26/10 <ocentertainment|SexPirate> Jasmine|SexyLibrarian: consider your half ops like a vagina trap. feel free to snap it shut on any foreign penii.

4/28/10 [14:15] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> ill be black later

4/28/10 [15:49] <[N7]incubushead> listen, Lacara is a vegan, i like twilight. nobody's perfect

4/29/10 [00:46] <@FutureShock> How is that possible?
[00:46] <@FutureShock> Raping with class?
[00:46] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: instead of screaming "yeah, take it whore!" you shout "my word, this is quite difficult with you struggling. mind easing up a bit, ol' chap?"

5/3/10 [13:12] <%Plex> oc: let t-rex smell his penis. the fresh smell of goat sex will make him hungry

5/4/10 [11:21] <Mecha> getting really desperate looking for locations to prostitue lately

5/6/10 [14:54] <Mecha> ive learned an important lesson today so far
[14:54] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> that PENVAGINANES
[14:54] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> i mean !PENVAGINANES
[14:54] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> i mean
[14:54] <@ocentertainment> BuddyRuddy|foodsecks: Vaginas go in Pennes?
[14:54] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> i mean !PENVAGINANIS
[14:55] <@ocentertainment> pennis?
[14:55] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> shut up you!
[14:55] <@ocentertainment> lol
[14:55] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> and your words

5/7/10 [14:20] <MarcusMaximus> circles ftw

5/8/10 [11:10] <Thizznasty> i wish i can has spelling dictionaery

5/11/10 [18:42] <rjp> i took a real pounding in the rear today

5/14/10 [14:03] * FutureShock was kicked by FutureShock (This?)
[14:03] * FutureShock (~X85e09161.3fead21.aafbb223.6aa464c2|luapsbmoc#X85e09161.3fead21.aafbb223.6aa464c2|luapsbmoc) has joined #whitenoise
[14:03] * LocutusOfBorg sets mode: +o FutureShock
[14:03] <@FutureShock> I accidentally kicked myself.

5/14/10 [15:15] <[N7]incubushead> man im ready to go home
[15:15] <[N7]incubushead> get my drink on
[15:16] <%Plex> not get your freak-on with the wifey?
[15:16] <[N7]incubushead> dude, we're married. thats gross

5/15/10 [03:47] * TheTrollPatrol is a liberal lesbian.

5/16/10 [22:07] <seventhexile> same with strip clubs - its like your paying these girls to see just how pathetic you are..

5/17/10 [14:52] <[N7]incubushead|working> for some reason i turned into a little girl

5/17/10 [14:56] <[N7]incubushead|working> im going to eat you with my toothy vagina

5/18/10 [13:31] <remedy> orgies are just fat people

5/18/10 [14:11] <remedy> oc if you had a vagina and were moderately attractive id marry you

5/18/10 [15:43] * [N7]incubushead grinds up some sausage in his toothy vagina

5/18/10 [19:32] <jose_074> can i post a pic? i'm proud of what i've slept with
[19:32] <jose_074> (SFW)
[19:32] <jose_074> ok: http://www.imagebam.com/image/02290b80856822/
[19:29] <jose_074> i've got a woman too (19 yo, before you ask pervs)
[19:29] <jose_074> pros: it handles like a alfa romeo. cons: it sounds like a mack truck when she sleep.

5/18/10 [20:47] <%Decad3nce> I'd shrink my junk just to bone my evo

5/19/10 [10:52] * [N7]incubushead was kicked by FutureShock (leave my tiny penis out of this.)

5/20/10 [10:40] <!Odin|Work> I bet your background is oily men mud wrestling
[10:40] <@FutureShock> There is nothing wrong with that…

5/21/10 [15:17] <MarcusMaximus|Lunch> ugh my fiancee baked apple bread muffins last night but didn't have any sugar
[15:17] <MarcusMaximus|Lunch> so I'm now eating a near-flavorless applebreak muffin
[15:17] <[N7]incubushead> salt it
[15:18] <MarcusMaximus|Lunch> …
[15:18] <[N7]incubushead> i didnt say it was a good idea

5/21/10 [16:01] * %Jasmine feels like today would bee a nice day to seduce someone.

5/22/10 [03:06] <mattycakes> LET ME CHECK YOUR PENIS

5/23/10 [13:43] <remedy> welcome to #whitenoise, where we teach you to love

5/24/10 [20:13] <Thizznasty> you know, if whorish women were gadget nerds, you could trade best buy giftcards for blowjobs, think about that.

5/25/10 [12:46] <@FutureShock_> Just imagine the stuff Socrates could have thought of had he had an Xbox
[12:47] <Lacara> Dude, you're right! We need to use time travel
[12:48] <@ocentertainment> so many problems could be solved with this solution.
[12:48] <%Decad3nce> Except AIDS
[12:48] <%Decad3nce> eventually
[12:48] <%Decad3nce> someone will fuck a monkey again

5/25/10 [17:40] <@ocentertainment> sometimes I get boners while I'm trying to sleep on my stomach. that mess hurts.
[17:40] <%Jasmine> ^^

5/26/10 [21:43]<experiment626> how often do you get to poo on a bitch's couch
[21:44]<experiment626> not that i would want to poo on many people's couches, but i can't think of anyway better to horrify an uppity woman who doesn't think you're good enough

5/26/10 [21:24] <rem|drunkmodo> holy shit
[21:24] <rem|drunkmodo> is that a lesbian
[21:25] <Cair> rem|drunkmodo: Its me

5/27/10 [18:09] <%Plex> I knew OC was upto no good. shoulda seen it coming
[18:10] * @ocentertainment|Working starts making trouble in plex's neighborhood.
[18:10] * MarcusMaximus got into one little fight and his mom got scared
[18:10] * ocentertainment|Working is now known as MarcusMaximussMom
[18:11] <MarcusMaximus> and she said:
[18:11] <@MarcusMaximussMom> You're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air!

5/27/10 [23:51] <%Decad3nce> I just used
[23:51] <%Decad3nce> "Wanna fuchsechs"
[23:51] <%Decad3nce> with a chat with one of my friends
[23:51] <%Decad3nce> She said: "I'm not quite sure what that means, but idk, maybe?"

5/30/10 [02:41] <Lacara> And yes, a 30 year old can do it with a 16 year old in most states
[02:42] <@ocentertainment> you know….while it may be legally ok….
[02:42] <@ocentertainment> socially, it's awful.
[02:43] <Lacara> From what we have gathered, that is because California is one of the few states it is 18
[02:43] <Lacara> And that's where most of our media is produced
[02:43] <@ocentertainment> haha. so California does with our sexing age what Texas does with our textbooks?
[02:44] <ThizzNasty> actually wait, im in kansas this reopens opportunities for me
[02:44] <ThizzNasty> one sec

5/31/10 [12:52] <BlackNasty> jessi: Im black, and i like Watermelon do you feel threatened?

6/1/10 [04:00] <remedy> THAT is not alice in wonderland
[04:01] <remedy> THAT is bloated chick stuffed into an ill fitting white garbage bag with clown makeup on and a country skyline
[04:01] <remedy> fuck clowns

6/2/10 [16:48] <[N7]incubushead> i think about children all the time

[17:37] <TheThizz> CAN I BE SPEED RACER?
[17:37] <TheThizz> I LIKE RACING
[17:37] * TheThizz is now known as SPEEDRACIST
[17:37] <Lacara> Go SPEEDRACIST, go SPEEDRACIST, so SPEEDRACIST gooooooooooooooooo!

6/3/10 [09:07] <PoG|WakingUp> You see, in RL I'm an impotent person

6/3/10 [15:15] <Thizznasty> cock holes are fun

6/3/10 [15:34] <jose_072> i don't eat fish, it's not natural… like, i know some people in the world eat it and i respect it.. but i see a fish and for me is "oh poor nemo what you did to get there, with your eyes wide-open-dead"

6/3/10 <@ocentertainment> wtf is a vampire credit card?
<marcmax> ocentertainment: a credit card. With pictures of vampires on them
<Curves> its a credit card for girls who dont pay their own credit card bills
<Curves> thats what THAT is

6/8/10 [10:29] <cormack> but the camera would do me for years to come

6/10/10 [12:01] <ottermann> sheep bondage is the best

6/10/10 [12:04] <+MagicalTrev> henceforth ottermann shall be known as sheepfucker
[12:04] * N7 is now known as sheep
[12:04] <sheep> bahhh
[12:04] <@ocentertainment> ?!
[12:04] <TheTrollPatrol> Run.
[12:04] <+MagicalTrev> N7 is asking for it.
[12:04] * ottermann is now known as sheepfucker
[12:05] <sheep> BAHHHH!
[12:05] <sheepfucker> run you little bastard….
[12:05] * sheepfucker grabs a ball gag
[12:05] * Smokey is now known as Shepard
[12:05] * Shepard tackles sheepfucker
[12:05] <Shepard> NO! Bad!
[12:05] <sheepfucker> but….the wool….it's so….soft

6/10/10 [15:45] <NegroSolarus> ocentertainment: a long time ago i vowed to only use thesauraus's, cause fuck getting info from a book when i can get it from a dinosaur.

6/11/10 [10:34] <@FutureShock> There is nothing wrong with having sex for monetary gain

6/13/10 [05:02] <RaithMoracus> I swear OC is the irc equivalent of the goddamned Batman. He just sits there, and lurks, until he can swoop down and kick somebody

6/13/10 <Bant> MATTYCAKES
<Bant> Any what.cd invites? <:
<DJNastyT> mattycakes: OMG I heard you hooked up with Jennie? shes got crabs man.
<mattycakes> lemme check
<mattycakes> WHOA WHAT

6/15/10 [22:01] <TheOldNasty> dumb sex is the best sex
[22:01] <TheOldNasty> like when shes all like
[22:01] <TheOldNasty> stick it in my eye
[22:01] <TheOldNasty> and your like
[22:01] <TheOldNasty> yeah okay
[22:02] <TheOldNasty> and then you look back on it (well she won't be looking) and your like loleyesex

6/16/10 [11:48] <Smokey> First time I got high, I laughed at Carlos Mencia.

6/16/10 [15:28] <jose_072> so, help me dudes. i want to jump over my american english teacher. how i can do it without her accusing me of harassment, rape or stealing?

6/18/10 mattycakes|lappy just threw up in his mouth a little bit
<GC> oh man
<GC> i am jizzing so hard

6/18/10 N7 › looks over at the user list… sees many Thizz's
15:14 N7 • did someone feed his black ass after midnight?
15:14 N7 • someone spill coolaide on him?
15:18 N7 • omfg
15:18 N7 • there goes the fucking neighborhood

6/18/10 <!Odin|Japan> Wait a fucking moment
<!Odin|Japan> I HAVE ICE CREAM

6/18/10 [11:17] <ThizzNasty> black girls are mean
[11:17] <mrgibblechip_> how so?
[11:18] <@ocentertainment> mrgibblechip_: they punch cocks.
[11:18] * ocentertainment is now known as shaniqua
[11:18] * @shaniqua punches all the boys' cocks.
[11:18] <mrgibblechip_> ouch
[11:18] <@shaniqua> BACK UP, FOOL!
[11:18] <@shaniqua> I AIN'T NO HO!
[11:19] * @shaniqua punches more and more cocks.

6/18/10 <mrgibblechip_> that place is scary
<@ocentertainment> lawl.
<@ocentertainment> that's just because it's unfamiliar.
<@ocentertainment> it's called a vagina.
<@ocentertainment> and no, it won't eat you.

6/18/10 <RaithMoracus> Plex: Did you see the one about the girl who sold off her 7 year old sister to a group of guys and counted money while she was gangraped?
<@ocentertainment> RaithMoracus: why yes. in fact, I actively seek out those articles. because that's the kind of stuff I enjoy reading.

6/19/10 [19:00] * ThizzNasty (ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|tahcbew#ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[19:00] * ThizzNasty hugs mattycakes
[19:00] * ThizzNasty (ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|tahcbew#ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|tahcbew) Quit ( Client exited )
[19:00] <mattycakes> awwww
[19:00] <mattycakes> i liked that

6/21/10 [15:59] <Bant> COME HERE HALDIR
[15:59] <Bant> RAPE IS COMING.

6/22/10 [12:25] * %Plex bites off N7's penis and throws it on a BBQ grill
[12:25] <N7> holy shit thats hot

6/22/10 [12:56] <remedy_evo> But now once I lost my virginity I stopped caring about the pie

6/22/10 [12:57] <N7> i am going to tell you this because its funny even though its embarrassing. I once tried to use a regular balloon as a condom.
[12:57] <N7> my chick was hot and ready to go and i had no more condoms
[13:00] <N7> oh and for the record, that shit didnt work

6/25/10 [12:31] * %Decad3nce is a manwhore
[12:31] * %Decad3nce 's love is open-source

6/26/10 [01:12] <Orgen> ocentertainment: meh, not that into asians anymore, I got jewed by a couple asian girls, back in cali, apparently turned me of TO THE WHOLE. RACE.
[01:12] <%Aracal> Orgen: That's like.. double-racist.
[01:13] <@ocentertainment> I think you just got a multiplier bonus for that one.
[01:13] <ithyphallus> Orgen: i'm asian

6/26/10 [20:56]<+NickNasty> I keep thinking about your penis and how much I loved to set it on fire. <3

6/28/10 [06:40] <Thizznasty> • Vuvuzela VuvuZelda
[06:40] <SenorSleepingWithYourMom> › slaps TheTrollPatrol
[06:40] <SenorSleepingWithYourMom> • er
[06:40] <SenorSleepingWithYourMom> › slaps Thizznasty
[06:40] <SenorSleepingWithYourMom> • TheTrollPatrol = collateral damage
[06:40] <Thizznasty> • hes taken so much shit because of me

6/28/10[23:27] <@ocentertainment|Home> http://gizmodo.com/5574978/customizable-super-mario-live-wallpaper-for-android YEAH FUCK YOU IPHONE OWNERS. FUCK YOU IN THE EAR WITH BLOWFISH

6/29/10 [14:47] <!Odin|Work> Why is one of the sections on the wiki named "Dynamic-static"?
[14:47] <@ocentertainment> I don't know.
[14:47] <@ocentertainment> someone felt that was an appropriate name for a quotes section.
[14:48] <@ocentertainment> seems to work. we take a piece of this dynamic conversation and make it static forever.
[14:48] <@ocentertainment> the only problem with the name is it sounds significant, bordering on artsy………….it should be named FartButt

06/30/10 [09:55] <N7> TEAM EDWARD WOOO! cant wait til tonight
[09:56] <seventhexile> n7 - really?
[09:56] <N7> fuck yes
[09:56] <seventhexile> hu… tell me the story
[09:56] <N7> i finished the third book on monday. was awesome
[09:56] <seventhexile> the story of how you lost your penis
[09:57] <N7> oh you guys.

6/30/10 [17:03] @ocentertainment › smooches Lacara
[17:03] <%Jasmine> • OH SHIT
[17:03] <@ocentertainment> • JASMINE!
[17:03] <%Lacara> • Jasmine: Aww, do you feel left out?
[17:03] <@ocentertainment> • YOU CANNOT SEE THIS!
[17:03] <@ocentertainment> • THIS IS OUR SPECIAL TIME!
[17:03] <%Jasmine> • Lacara: yes :(
[17:03] <%Lacara> • ocentertainment: Fuck that, I'd have a 3some with you and Jasmine
[17:05] <@ocentertainment> • my penis is not getting any where near Lacara's.
[17:05] <%Jasmine> • though if I had a 3some. it would have to be with 2 dudes
[17:05] <@ocentertainment> • or jasmine's
[17:05] <@ocentertainment> • Jasmine: SELFISH!
[17:05] <%Jasmine> • ocentertainment: Damn straight
[17:05] <%Lacara> • ocentertainment: No.. 3somes are 2 girls, one guy.
[17:06] <@ocentertainment> • Lacara: still not doing it.
[17:06] <@ocentertainment> • even if Jasmine and Emma both came in here and offered me a 3some. still not doing it.
[17:06] <%Lacara> • ocentertainment: You wouldn't do it with 2 girls if they're all like 'Oh, ocentertainment, lemme suck that cock!'?
[17:06] <%Jasmine> • haha
[17:06] <@ocentertainment> • Lacara: I believe that is what I said, yes.

7/1/10 [12:01] <%RajPlex> is this cheetos ad on jez as well?
[12:02] <%RajPlex> cuz they'd be all like - Cheetos!!! BURN ALL MEN!

7/1/10 [16:40] <@ocentertainment> you know what DOESN'T exist though?
[16:41] <@ocentertainment> a bra for my balls

7/2/10 [22:33] <RaithMoracus> Bant…
[22:33] <RaithMoracus> i have a question…
[22:33] <RaithMoracus> what the fuck is #DM?
[22:33] <Bant|fewd> Drunkmodo
[22:33] <RaithMoracus> ahhhh ok
[22:33] <Bant|fewd> Use your penis
[22:33] <Bant|fewd> not your brain.

7/3/10 [03:09] <ithyphallus> yea 25 is halfway to old (30)

7/3/10 [14:26] <seventhexile> I can only imagine the secret penis has been hard on the both of you ..

7/3/10 [14:33] <remedy> also it seems like as time goes on, we talk more and more about penises
[14:34] <jose_071> i talk to my penis

7/3/10 [17:20] <Thizz> I get to sit around in a truck and occasionally move heavy appliances and txt all day
[17:20] <seventhexile> Thizz - you stealing / selling shit again?
[17:23] <Thizz> nah, got nabbed for deliverys for lowes, they needed an extra guy
[17:24] <seventhexile> I'll take that as a yes…. - steal me a toaster oven.

7/3/10 [18:14] <Cairnage> But my grandparents are creepy uber christians.
[18:14] <Cairnage> They're creepers who watch us through the window when we're in the hot tub

7/4/2010 [02:14] <ThizzNasty> SenorPoopypants: apparently you won't come out tell march 2011
[02:15] <SenorPoopypants> ThizzNasty: im just that tightly stuck in ur bungholio

7/4/2010 [23:55] <seventhxile> she lures men into her evil cave with the promise of bacon… then she takes their manhood and mounts it on the wall with her other trophys… its the way of the jezbians.

7/4/2010 [18:19] <TheTrollPatrol> Any chick that comes into whitenoise gets hounded.
[18:20] <TheTrollPatrol> It's like, "oooh, boobs!"

7/4/2010 [20:13] <Thizz> (719): ok, honestly? Periods can't be THAT bad, have you ever tried to shave a ball sack?!
[20:13] <RaithMoracus> dude, its tough
[20:13] <ithyphallus> Thizz: you shave balls?
[20:13] <RaithMoracus> youre so nervous
[20:14] <Thizz> ithyphallus: not professionally

7/5/2010 [00:13] <seventhexile> Jasmine only pmsing every 3 months = one of the miracles of science !

7/6/2010 [11:30] <@ocentertainment> "LOL, HEY GUYS! VAGINAS SHOOTING BLOOD LIKE FIREHOSES!!!!"

7/6/10 [15:19] <BadPlasmid> I think your prediction is probably right, but I hope not. I always have way more fun in Spain and Holland than I do in Germany, and the language is ugly. And my family is (distantly) from Spain. So basically, I don't have a good reason to cheer for one or the other and am just making shit up.

7/6/10 [15:37] <zmx15> all the juices from the toppings melt together and create orgasmic juices
[15:37] <zmx15> wait
[15:37] <zmx15> that came out wrong

7/6/10 [19:14] <@Decad3nce> So tomorrow.. i will see my ex. fuck.
[19:14] <The_Wizard> wow… she let's you see that?!
[19:14] <TheTrollPatrol> Watching your ex fuck could be fun.
[19:14] <TheTrollPatrol> Just sayin'.

7/6/10 [11:24]<@ocentertainment> seventhexile: I'll be honest. I'm no homo. but if I did happen to find myself in a situation where I HAD to suck a dick, and that dick happened to have a bacon-flavored condom……I'd probably bite it off.

7/7/10 [12:49] <Curves_1> being a woman isnt for sissies

7/8/10 11:56am] RaithMoracus: man, leave my vagina alone
[11:56am] RaithMoracus: i put my dick back on after i got back from the kitchen

7/8/10 [11:59am] zmx15: Lysol kills Herpes
[11:59am] zmx15: i did not know this
[11:59am] zmx15: …
[11:59am] RaithMoracus: spray it on a whores cooch
[11:59am] zmx15: mhm
[11:59am] RaithMoracus: see what happens
[12:00pm] zmx15: good bye trojans
[12:00pm] zmx15: hello lysol

7/8/10 [15:49] <Galaxius> What just happened?
[15:50] <%Plex> net split
[15:50] <%Plex> happens once in a while
[15:50] <rjp> let us have a moment of silence for those lost in the july 8th net split where the servers opened and swallowed our bretheren whole

7/8/10 [9:08pm] Bant: There's such thing as penis origami.

7/9/10 [10:24] <RaithMoracus> i had the strippers junk flopping and swinging in front of my face all night. it was awesome

7/9/10 [13:49] <%Plex> all your wifi are belong to us

[13:52] * @Futureshock (~X85e09161.3fead21.b33b142.01f19363|ohserutuf#X85e09161.3fead21.b33b142.01f19363|ohserutuf) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * %BzZz (~ten.elbacwahs.av.ceff3831.812b2412|kuicsokb#ten.elbacwahs.av.ceff3831.812b2412|kuicsokb) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * RaithMoracus (~ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|ri_werdna#ten.tsewq.wkut.96ee23b2.634fca01|ri_werdna) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * @ocentertainment|Sleep (~ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco#ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * rjp (~ten.tsacmoc.hn.9a8fb1e2.0d71a6e1|srewopr#ten.tsacmoc.hn.9a8fb1e2.0d71a6e1|srewopr) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * TheTrollPatrol (~ten.xoc.ko.6aa464c2.4062a3b2|PllorTehT#ten.xoc.ko.6aa464c2.4062a3b2|PllorTehT) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * Cairnage|2month (~ac.lleb.lsd.acea13f2.c6048231|311eniac#ac.lleb.lsd.acea13f2.c6048231|311eniac) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * @Decad3nce (~X82a6dbf1.98f7b263.16868e32.fa4f06e2|nanda#X82a6dbf1.98f7b263.16868e32.fa4f06e2|nanda) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * remedy (~oreh.nacirema.na.si|mer#oreh.nacirema.na.si|mer) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * @ocentertainment (~X44b43b13.aca9eb83.72d5d893.a9417731|atretneco#X44b43b13.aca9eb83.72d5d893.a9417731|atretneco) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * SenorPoopypants (~X8b731fc3.aac4b8d2.ea988e9.1b650df3|wsihtkcuf#X8b731fc3.aac4b8d2.ea988e9.1b650df3|wsihtkcuf) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * GC (~Xb0264561.e3c9caa2.0d71a6e1.00d9d8d3|uon#Xb0264561.e3c9caa2.0d71a6e1.00d9d8d3|uon) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * Smokey (X634fca01.17a4faf1.2b0f6191.80825fa2|tahcbew#X634fca01.17a4faf1.2b0f6191.80825fa2|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * freshcelery (ten.elbacwahs.vg.5a516703.3885bd02|tahcbew#ten.elbacwahs.vg.5a516703.3885bd02|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * %Jasmine (ten.tsacmoc.aw.c4883141.2bb54b6|tahcbew#ten.tsacmoc.aw.c4883141.2bb54b6|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * shadeshope (~moc.sulplartnectb.131-18egnar.cd8f7.f766ae52|pohsedahs#moc.sulplartnectb.131-18egnar.cd8f7.f766ae52|pohsedahs) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * !Odin (~moc.aidemnigriv.elbac.2c82ae72.8b731fc3|rejusu#moc.aidemnigriv.elbac.2c82ae72.8b731fc3|rejusu) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * cormack (~ku.oc.erehteb.6aa464c2.3922f6b2|nayr#ku.oc.erehteb.6aa464c2.3922f6b2|nayr) Quit (*.net *.split)
[13:52] * @LocutusOfBorg (ten.yawhgihcri.tob|sutucol#ten.yawhgihcri.tob|sutucol) Quit (Client Lost In Netsplit)

[13:53] <%Plex> lol
[13:53] <%Plex> wtf just happened

7/12/10 [18:16] <mattycakes> Jasmine, how do i make the loins rumble of an older lady?

7/13/10 [11:05] <N7> looks like i'll be *purchasing* CS5 tonight
[11:05] <N7> i have some wedding photos i need to touch up
[11:05] <N7> i need to remove my wife from them and replace her with Edward Cullen

7/13/10 [12:19] <cormack> there is nothing wrong with sipping tea and eating crumpets
[12:20] <N7> and by crumpets you mean man balls
[12:20] <%Plex> nigga balls
[12:20] <cormack> better than eating big macs all day…
[12:20] <%Plex> so you rather eat nigga balls?
[12:20] <cormack> o wait

7/14/10 [3:30pm] zmx15 erupts period
[3:30pm] ocentertainment: zmx15: volcano vagina?
[3:30pm] ocentertainment: GUUUSSSHSHSHHHSHSSHHS
[3:30pm] zmx15: exactly
[3:30pm] ocentertainment: and the sky was painted blood red.
[3:30pm] Plex: and it rained. for days.
[3:31pm] Plex: blood rain. humanity was doomed.
[3:31pm] Thizz: and it smelled of fish

7/15/10 [19:24] <seventhexile|out> "hey um… my internet friends say its not cheating if I titty fuck u .. but we cant do anythign else, .. are u down with that ? " .. yes I have internet friends..

7/17/10 [12:41] <Thizznasty> Jasmine_: pshhhh, if shes any employer worth her salt, she'll just be glad you txted her first, instead of wearing no pants

7/19/10 [20:39] <!Odin> It doesn't creep me out that I found her attractive when she wasn't legal
[20:39] <!Odin> Wait
[20:40] <!Odin> That came out wrong

7/22/10 [12:14] <%Plex> welcome…join our quest to design a perfect woman
[12:15] <%Jasmine> oh god.
[12:15] <%Jasmine> it's simple
[12:15] <@ocentertainment> Plex: she's going to make a joke that she already is.
[12:15] <%Jasmine> ocentertainment: DAMN YOU

7/26/10 [10:22] <%jasmine> HEX CAN SUCK MY DICK

7/29/10[00:02] <Thizz> hmm, can't find it, nevermind.
[00:03] <Thizz> mabey i dreamed that.
[00:07] <seventhexile> looking for the mythical clitoris again?

7/29/10 [16:38] <zmx15> Oh Doctor. There's a ghost in my vagina

7/29/10 [21:35] <otko> we're broke, we have to fart in the tub to get jacuzzi action

7/29/10 [22:59] <%Plex> where's the whitegirl at?
[22:59] <BlackRanger> not here :(
[22:59] * %Plex suspects foul play
[23:00] * %Plex looks at seventhexile

7/30/10 [10:52] * N7 builds up a base, trains a ghost and launches a tactical nuke into Smokey's gaping anus cavity
[10:53] <@ocentertainment> "launches a tactical nuke" is probably the best euphemism I've heard for "homosexual intercourse"
[10:54] <N7> translation of my whole statement: fools around with his tool, then covertly sneaks it in the back door before releasing man spunk in his butt

7/30/10 [18:30] <Cair> I am on the mobile gizmodo site on my computer.
[18:30] <Cair> I feel bad ass

8/3/10[14:56] <N7> god im gagging like i just swallowed a cock

8/3/10 [15:43] <N7> i color my pubes like a multi-colored clown wig
[15:43] <N7> then when women laugh at my dick i dont feel so bad

[11:38] <@ocentertainment> wait……
[11:38] <@ocentertainment> you listen to vagina ears?
[11:38] <@ocentertainment> do ears make sounds?
[11:38] <Thizznasty> ocentertainment: no, I listen to ear shaped Vaginas
[11:39] <@ocentertainment> ah.
[11:39] <@ocentertainment> that clears it up.

8/5/10 [16:31] <N7> i just thought of a genius way to have most of the midwest kill themselves
[16:31] <N7> chocolate flavored barbed wire
[16:31] <N7> sold at walmart

8/6/10 [11:10] <@ocentertainment> IT'S NOT THE WEEKEND UNTIL I'M OFF WORK.
[11:10] <N7|rooted> ocentertainment: tell that to my pajama pants and my 11 AM beer
[11:10] <@ocentertainment> ok.
[11:10] * @ocentertainment speaks directly to N7's pajama pants and 11am beer.
[11:10] <@ocentertainment> IT IS NOT THE WEEKEND UNTIL I'M OFF WORK.
[11:10] <N7|rooted> the weird thing is im at work in my cubicle so i expect to be fired any second

8/6/10 [21:24] <@Decad3nce> when she started flirting with me, and it got real awkward
[21:24] <MariMac> she wants the cock
[21:24] <MariMac> hhahahahaha

8/9/10 [09:58] <BlackRanger> anyway, I need to shiiiit
[10:00] <@FutureShock> TMI
[10:00] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock is uncomfortable with the idea of pooping.
[10:01] <@Decad3nce> FutureShock: I need to poop as well
[10:01] <@Decad3nce> brb
[10:01] * @ocentertainment already pooped this morning.
[10:01] <@FutureShock> bastards
[10:01] <@FutureShock> All of you

8/9/10 [18:13] <Lord_Data> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQoJo81lujk
[18:13] <KevlarAllah> Ze Government is here.
[18:13] <Lord_Data> just for you, kevlar
[18:13] <KevlarAllah> Lord_Data: Thanks. Always good for lulz
[18:14] <KevlarAllah> Whoa. WTF. I thought my boss was gone.
[18:14] * KevlarAllah (lim.cmsu.icmn.fd24a583.19887ea2|tahcbew#lim.cmsu.icmn.fd24a583.19887ea2|tahcbew) Quit (Quit: Page closed)

8/9/10 [22:17] <mattycakes> hey bitch, imma tittyfuck you
[22:17] <mattycakes> she was like, okay

8/9/10 [22:46] <ithyphallus> men's spit makes women teh hornys
[22:47] <ithyphallus> testosterone in the spit
[22:47] <Thizznasty> "drink my spit, and thern see if you wanna fuck me"

8/9/10 [21:19] <Standish> mattycakes: How good exactly?
[21:19] <mattycakes> just like, she spent all her experience points leveling up her blowjob skills

8/10/10 [17:57] <ithyphallus> I got my face farted on while I was giving a rimjob. He was pretty embarrassed.

8/11/10 [21:04] <zmx15> am I about to get my period?

8/12/10 [11:51] <jose_071> i give nice and deeeeep orgasms to my bf
[11:52] <%Smokey> jose_071: I'm sure you make him very happy
[11:53] <jose_071> yes, wanna see ur video?

8/15/10 [21:05] <ithyphallus> giving money to a little girl is half the fun
[21:05] <ithyphallus> and duct taping *HI IM CHRIS HANSEN

8/16/10 [14:23] <%Jasmine> what if he manscapes
[14:23] <%Plex> …
[14:23] <%Jasmine> then there would be no pubes to pull
[14:23] <@ocentertainment> god I'd forgotten how good it is to do that.

8/18/10 [11:05] <zmx15> Smokey: with a SIM, you can make any phone your phone
[11:05] <zmx15> just pop your sim in that bitch
[11:05] <jose_072> with a condom you can make any bitch your bitch
[11:06] <jose_072> but condoms has less talk time. mine lasts just 2 hours.

8/18/10 [11:55] <@ocentertainment> I just heard some woman in the office yell "Why is it this big?"
[11:56] <@FutureShock> That's waht she said
[11:56] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: yes…..
[11:56] <@ocentertainment> yes it was.

8/18/10 [12:41] <i_Curves> although a guy i know let me TOUCH his
[12:42] <i_Curves> he let me touch it but wouldn't let me hold it
[12:42] <i_Curves> as IF I might harm it in some way

8/20/10 [18:21] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> wer're gonna fuck the stalk out of you
[18:21] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> damn i need soap

8/21/10 [23:04] <@Jasmine> zmx15: i dont wanna catch your homosexuality
[23:04] <%zmx15>: Jasmine: I dont want to catch your bitchitis

8/22/10 [21:40] <@Jazz> seventhexile: you were my first tho!
[21:40] <%seventhexile> thats what i like to hear
[21:40] <%seventhexile> :)

8/23/10 [13:04] <%seventhexile> I promise you, just because you read 1 book and aren't religious.. that doesn't make you a Buddhist..

8/23/10 [22:38] <Cairbear> So guys
[22:38] <Cairbear> Today
[22:38] <Cairbear> I got a haircut
[22:38] <%seventhexile> Cairbear
[22:38] <%seventhexile> tldr

8/24/10 [09:47] <%seventhexile> My friend was really excited when she was telling me about buying her magic bullet
[09:47] <%seventhexile> And how she was excited to try it for the first time that night
[09:47] <%seventhexile> And how I was invited
[09:48] <%seventhexile> … I was really.. Really excited
[09:48] <%seventhexile> And then i found out … Magic bullet = mini blender
[09:48] <%seventhexile> Not vibrator I was thinking of by the same name

8/25/10 [00:20] <ithyphallus> Whats the stranges thing you've eaten?
[00:20] <ithyphallus> thats the query
[00:20] <toxic> semen

8/25/10 [15:13] <N7> Plex: build a temp ban into that script you executed to kick
[15:13] <%Plex> i dunno how to write scripts
[15:13] <N7> you're indian
[15:13] <N7> wtf
[15:14] <%Plex> dude…i'm the Biomedical type of indian…not the dell kind

8/25/10 [22:08] <toxic> i feel like we should have sex now or something
[22:08] <Chaosmint> hm, I'm 14
[22:08] <toxic> that was pretty erotic
[22:08] <toxic> OH GOD
[22:09] <toxic> i'm so traumatized right now

8/26/10 [14:23] <N7> I've eaten semen
[14:23] <N7> i had sheep balls in Ireland

8/26/10 [16:33] <N7> we just had a very long conversation about a poop machine
[16:34] <@ocentertainment> god I love this IRC

8/28/10 [12:14] <e_Curves> they decide by what cow is cloest to BREED STANDARDS
[12:14] <e_Curves> color, ear formation, weight
[12:14] <e_Curves> like miss america for cows

8/29/10 [01:47] <@ocentertainment> hey Concorde105…………
[01:48] <Concorde105> I think I know what's coming
[01:48] <@ocentertainment> I pooped today.
[01:48] <Concorde105> oh
[01:48] * Concorde105 had no idea that was coming

8/29/10 [19:32] **<%Plexer> z: stop masturbating in the sun
[19:32] <%Plexer> you'll get penis cancer
[19:32] <%zmx15|Reading> Plexer: -_-
[19:33] <%Plexer> then the docs would have to cut it off
[19:18] <%Plexer> not that it'll make a difference

8/29/10 [22:53] * Concorde105 has a 15 incher
[22:53] * Concorde105 likes it a lot
[22:53] <%Seventhexile> please tell us more about your dildo..

8/30/10 [13:29] <%zmxfifteen> Nick Denton makes me feel violated
[13:29] <@ocentertainment> zmxfifteen: show me on the blog where Nick Denton touched you.
[13:30] <%zmxfifteen> he touched me on my FleshBot
[13:30] * %zmxfifteen cries

8/30/10 [14:07] <@FutureShock> ocentertainment, I live in the boonies dude
[14:07] <@FutureShock> No one can find me
[14:07] <%Plex> FutureShock: what are you? G-spot?

8/30/10 [14:42] <GC> this would be really fucking hot if the girls each ate a cheeseburger or two
[14:42] <GC> being able to count the ribs is a real boner killer
[14:43] <Smokey> Although, you could use your boner + their ribs to make a xylophone

8/30/10 [18:07] <SenorCapitanPoopypants> JACKING OFF
[18:07] <SenorCapitanPoopypants> PORN ADDICT
[18:07] <Lord_Data|pork> SenorCapitanPoopypants: mmm, that souns good

8/31/10 [13:48] <Thizznasty> ocentertainment: i remember it was raining, we couldnt play outside, so i went over my filipino friends grandmas house, and we ate popcorn and watermelon and played playstation and watched beavis and butthead do america.
[13:48] <Thizznasty> ocentertainment: was a good memory.
[13:49] <@ocentertainment> Thizznasty: I'm glad I could share this nostalgic moment with you.
[13:49] <Thizznasty> this also reminds me that i use to think filipino people were called jalapenos

8/31/10 [14:36] <@ocentertainment> why my mind jumped straight to you wife's hair, still attached to her head, wrapped around your balls, bondage-style as she falls asleep on you…….well, that I'll never know.

9/01/10 [00:07] <%zmx15> Seventhexile: You have a box of tissues by the bed
[00:07] <%zmx15> I see -_-
[00:07] <%Seventhexile> zmx15 - .. I have lady friends if I wana fuck something…
[00:07] <%Seventhexile> I dont need tissues for anything other then sneezing
[00:07] <%Seventhexile> :)
[00:07] <%Seventhexile> one day - you'll understand.
[00:07] <%zmx15> -_-

9/01/10 [10:49] <N7> can you chew up worms and spit them down my throat for me?
[10:49] <N7> PWEASE?!

9/01/10 [13:27] <MarcusMaximus> "almost half as light" - I don't think that means what you think it means, Jobs

9/01/10 [14:16] <jose_072> poor ocbitchtertainment
[14:17] <jose_072> she needs new job

09/03/10 [11:22] * Lord_Data is a man, his diary is etched into the backs of his victims
[11:22] <Lord_Data> It's hard to write "I walked the dog today"
[11:22] <Lord_Data> with your fingernails on human flesh

09/04/10 [22:01] <niftyjack> so today at the wedding
[22:01] <niftyjack> my cousin has a drink
[22:01] <niftyjack> and my grandpa asks her, "what's that called?"
[22:02] <niftyjack> and she says "it's called a 'sex on the beach'."
[22:02] <niftyjack> and my grandpa replies
[22:02] <niftyjack> "really? i like mine in bed."

09/07/10 [11:04] <Thizznasty> oh fuk yes
[11:04] <Thizznasty> found an un opened bag of sour skittles in my other pants
[11:04] <ocentertainment> god you are so black.

09/07/10 [13:00] <Thizz> until im all like"hey taylor, Imma let you finish, But i just had the best orgasm of all time". and it'll all be over.

09/07/10 [14:03] <Thizz> that reminds me
[14:03] <Thizz> Selena gomez has a purity ring
[14:03] <Thizz> fucking bullshit

09/07/10 [14:05] <Thizz> Plex: with her hand prolly, and a giant black(or pink) dildo
[14:05] <Thizz> Plex: But disney fucking watches you

09/07/10 [15:16] <ocentertainment> it is now cool to remove your pants and go to your grandma's saying "Take me granny!"

09/09/10 [11:37] <N7> my middle name is "not letting people get off"

9/09/10 [21:10] <KevlarMenace> I prefer Thai girls. Well, the ones with dicks. You know, like Justin Bieber?

9/10/10 [10:41] <@ocentertainment> sweet. cuz she's computer illiterate. I don't want to give her something that's gonna give her any hassle.
[10:44] <@FutureShock> It's pretty idiot proof
[10:44] <N7> he didnt say she was pretty

9/10/10 [17:31] <Steven_Callas> I don't want to have a career, be successful, make a name for myself, or procreate. I want a fucking penguin

9/10/10 [17:45] <@ocentertainment> you want to find a crazy, uninhibited girl, with wild explorative tendencies whose full of surprises in bed? go to church.
[17:46] <BuddyRuddy|foodsecks> ocentertainment: mmmm tendencies

9/12/10 [21:32] <%Plex> here it comes
[21:32] <@ocentertainment> good god
[21:32] <%Plex> >.<
[21:32] <%Plex> ahhhhhhh
[21:32] <%Plex> ^.^
[21:32] <%seventhexile> ocentertainment - u got it in plex's eye..

9/13/10 [12:47] <e_Curves> my parents only freak when I date republicans

9/13/10 [15:56] <marcusmaximus> But there was a guy on an abc news article(linked to from my android news reader) that was arguing against gays in the military who I defeated by pointing out that every one of his arguments were also used back in the '40's against blacks in the military
[15:56] <N7> black people eff dudes in the butt?
[15:56] * N7 learned something new today
[15:57] <N7> hey Thizznasty, wanna go get a motel room?

9/13/10 [16:18] <Plex> sorry to disappoint you guys but I'm not in a very porny mood

9/14/10 [16:10] * jose_072 jumps in SenorPoopypants and rapes her without compassion
[16:11] <%Plex> how do you rape someone WITH compassion?
[16:11] <jose_072> it's called a date

9/15/10 [11:44] * SexRanger (~ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco#ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco) has joined #whitenoise
[11:44] <@ocentertainment> ……………
[11:44] <@ocentertainment> the fuck?
[11:45] <@ocentertainment> why the hell is my libido-supercharged alter-ego joining us?
[11:45] * @ocentertainment investigates.

[11:46] * @ocentertainment|Home (~ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco#ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * Thizznasty (~X3378fd63.acea13f2.5f481b9.c3b3f453|emanpmiPA#X3378fd63.acea13f2.5f481b9.c3b3f453|emanpmiPA) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * %BzZz (~ten.elbacwahs.av.ceff3831.812b2412|kuicsokb#ten.elbacwahs.av.ceff3831.812b2412|kuicsokb) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * !Odin (~moc.aidemnigriv.elbac.2c82ae72.8b731fc3|rejusu#moc.aidemnigriv.elbac.2c82ae72.8b731fc3|rejusu) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * jeremy_ (~ten.xgla.remotsuc.5f481b9.b33b142|ymerej#ten.xgla.remotsuc.5f481b9.b33b142|ymerej) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * N1JER (~ten.esahcymerej.e5791323.4e88bf4|ymerej#ten.esahcymerej.e5791323.4e88bf4|ymerej) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * @FutureShock|Later (~X85e09161.3fead21.b33b142.01f19363|luaP#X85e09161.3fead21.b33b142.01f19363|luaP) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * cormack (~ku.oc.erehteb.6aa464c2.3922f6b2|nayr#ku.oc.erehteb.6aa464c2.3922f6b2|nayr) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * @LocutusOfBorg (ten.yawhgihcri.tob|sutucol#ten.yawhgihcri.tob|sutucol) Quit (Client Lost In Netsplit)
[11:46] * jmurph05 (~ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.d50210e2.403f246|50hprumj#ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.d50210e2.403f246|50hprumj) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * jose_072 (X42c607e1.80825fa2.56b5d553.74c88942|tahcbew#X42c607e1.80825fa2.56b5d553.74c88942|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * Smokey (X634fca01.17a4faf1.2b0f6191.80825fa2|tahcbew#X634fca01.17a4faf1.2b0f6191.80825fa2|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * damage (ten.labolgcbs.30nasl.c3e77381.9562ec51|tahcbew#ten.labolgcbs.30nasl.c3e77381.9562ec51|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)
[11:46] * MarcusMaximus (Xd63be5f.231b8c43.1b650df3.b5647d8|tahcbew#Xd63be5f.231b8c43.1b650df3.b5647d8|tahcbew) Quit (*.net *.split)

[11:46] <@Jasmine> Oc
[11:46] <@Jasmine> your libido-supercharged alter ego killed ALL OF THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE….

9/15/10 [18:56] <%Plex> double ended rabbit ftw
[18:56] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> oh shit i think i got the thing stuck in my gums!!!!
[18:56] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> YES!!!!

9/16/10 [17:46] <%seventhexile> so - just to clarify, there's getting stuck in the 'friend' zone.. getting stuck in the 'internet big brother zone' and .. I guess in oc's case getting stuck in the 'awkward overly sexual uncle zone'
[17:47] <%Plex> sucks to be you…. friend zone. lol
[17:47] <%seventhexile> ha .. jazz|mobile - would u say we're in the friend zone ?
[17:48] <jazz|mobile> seventh is in the pants zone
[17:48] <%seventhexile> Plex - i touch all 3 zones… roleplaying ftw ;)
[17:48] <jazz|mobile> XD

9/16/10 [19:21] <Dezerus> Hey, guess what
[19:21] <Dezerus> what's sitting on my desk in front of me.
[19:21] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> a booger?
[19:21] <Dezerus> Uh, no… It's worth about $300, and it's shiny.
[19:21] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> a chrome dildo?
[19:21] <Dezerus> No…
[19:22] <Dezerus> It's made by Apple.
[19:22] <%seventhexile> Dezerus - an over priced chrome dildo
[19:22] <%seventhexile> ?

9/20/10 [14:36] <%Plex> oh grow up people…period sex is no biggie

9/20/10 [19:53] <%seventhexile> NickNasty - i've never gotten to the point where I wanted to stick anything up my butt

9/21/10 [23:18] <%seventhexile> hes in the awkward stage of his life
[23:19] <%zmx15> what are you saying?
[23:19] <%seventhexile> 16 is that awkward stage where ur fist learning how to mack it with girls
[23:19] <%seventhexile> but… also failing at it
[23:19] <%seventhexile> and then u get it to a science..
[23:19] <%zmx15> oh god
[23:19] <%seventhexile> and at 18 the whole game changes
[23:19] <%zmx15> dont get involved
[23:19] <%seventhexile> oo
[23:19] <%seventhexile> sorry didn't mean to assume:
[23:19] <%seventhexile> …..guys*
[23:19] <%seventhexile> is that better
[23:19] <%seventhexile> ?
[23:19] <%zmx15> -_-
[23:19] <%zmx15> u clever bastard
[23:19] <%zmx15> too clever for your own good

[11:24] <jose_072> nothing better than live with a woman, you can steal all her food. i did it for 2 years until police deported her.

9/26/10 [21:30] <RalOberon> I was listening to some show called Loveline the other night (funny shit actually) and the one guy asks the caller "are you hispanic?" and she replied "no I'm straight"

9/27/10 [12:07] <jose_072> Yes, moar fetuses.

9/27/10 [12:12] <jose_072> Who cares, she's hot and anorexic, enough for me.

9/28/10 [12:22] <Jazz|Lappytop> but, alas, I have to leave for work
[12:22] <Jazz|Lappytop> later kids
[12:22] * Jazz|Lappytop (ten.tsacmoc.aw.c4883141.2bb54b6|tahcbew#ten.tsacmoc.aw.c4883141.2bb54b6|tahcbew) Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[12:22] <@FutureShock> Later jazz
[12:22] <@FutureShock> Too late
[12:25] <Smokey> Ladies never give enough time to say goodbye
[12:25] <@FutureShock> They just wake up, take your wallet and leave

9/28/10 [13:35] * BuddyRuddy|fucksecks was kicked by ocentertainment (not randmo, still kick)
[13:35] * BuddyRuddy|fucksecks (~moc.ygresam.72d5d893.b5647d8|7tahCecI#moc.ygresam.72d5d893.b5647d8|7tahCecI) has joined #whitenoise
[13:35] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> what's a randmo?
[13:35] <@Decad3nce> ocentertainment: Sounds like rambo with a rand(n) function on his m16
[13:36] <@ocentertainment> Decad3nce: I like the way you think.

9/28/10 [15:38] * N7 performs Will it Blend with his toothy vagina

9/30/10 [18:23] <Stefan_Chalice> Jezebel has become the woman's 4chan

10/1/10 [12:59] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> i like the dingle of your berries

10/1/10 [14:46] <THizz> ewwww
[14:47] <THizz> this watermelon laffy taffy
[14:47] <THizz> is terrible.
[14:47] <THizz> taste like glue, fuck this.
[14:47] <@ocentertainment> October 1st, 2010, 2:46 p.m………encountered first black person who does not like taste of watermelon. albeit via laffy taffy. will continue investigation.
[14:48] <THizz> ocentertainment: that wasn't fucking watermelon, I know fucking watermelon.
[14:48] <THizz> ocentertainment: matter of fact the watermelons are fucking, next door, right now.
[14:49] <@ocentertainment> 2:47 p.m. black man insists laffy taffy is not watermelon, hallucinates watermelon sexual congress. I fear I may not survive this study. Please tell my family….I wish they were real.

10/4/10 [18:11] <Thizznasty> 925: Im masturbating to football, this is why i get guys and you don't.
[18:11] <Lord_Data> WHOAWHOAWHOA
[18:11] <Lord_Data> hold the phone
[18:11] <Lord_Data> HTC Tablet?

10/5/10 [12:53] <@jasmine> GODDAMNIT

10/5/10 [14:52] <@ocentertainment> BuddyRuddy|fucksecks: yeah, but you're not necessarily gonna be trapped in a marriage where you secretly wish your wife was Edward Cullen, and you can't get an erection.
[14:53] <N7> ocentertainment: thats why they invented cardboard cutouts that i can hang above the bed
[14:53] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> O.O

10/5/10 [15:43] <N7> i think one of my pussy teeth has a cavity

10/5/10 [17:29] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> damn i gotta pee
[17:30] * Lord_Data opens his mouth
[17:30] <Lord_Data> I'm ready, BuddyRuddy|fucksecks
[17:33] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> ahh much better
[17:33] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> hope you like what i added
[17:33] * %seventhexile hands Lord_Data a towel

10/7/10 [15:53] <@ocentertainment> why aren't there more threesomes where one chick uses another chick's head to give the blowjob?
[15:57] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> i can see the synchronization being off
[15:57] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> it's kinda like using a virtual machine
[15:57] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> just go native
[15:57] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> bitch, don't get all JVM on me!!! I want the real deal!!!
[15:58] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> i want you to get kernel on my dick
[15:58] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> u definitely wont need that microkernel
[15:59] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> oh yea baby… i like the way you integrate with my hardware
[15:59] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> no drivers necessary
[15:59] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> mmmmm
[16:00] <@Decad3nce> I like the way you influence my character driver
[16:01] <%MarcusMaximus> Get ready for my SQL insertion?
[16:01] <%MarcusMaximus> injection^
[16:01] <@Decad3nce> Oh baby, flush my cache.
[16:01] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> begin tran
[16:01] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> dump onmyface
[16:01] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> rollback tran
[16:01] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> NO NO NO
[16:02] <%MarcusMaximus> Uh oh, buffer overflow?

10/7/10 [18:01] <@Plex> e_Curves: puppies free yet? LET MY PEOPLE GO!
[18:01] <e_Curves> no puppies are still leashed
[18:01] <@Plex> LET MY PEOPLE GO
[18:02] <@ocentertainment> Plex are…..are you sending plagues upon e_Curves's boobs?
[18:02] <e_Curves> they have names you know, lol

10/8/10 [14:12] <Thizz> have you ever wandered upon a facebook status
[14:13] <Thizz> where someone poses a sex question, and all the sudden all these people come out of the woodworks about there sex lives, and its like, I didn't want to know thats what makes you cum.

10/8/10 [14:38] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> is that…. a duck face tshirt on a mudduck doing a duckface?????
[14:38] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> whoa the layers
[14:38] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> we must go deeper

10/11/10 [10:54] <jose_072> not even my cat cares about WP7

10/11/10 [17:26] <HC> i cant wait till the Miley cyrus sex tape comes out

10/11/10 [19:28] <@ocentertainment> why would you want to put two penises in one anus?
[19:28] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> to dig the other penis out

10/11/10 [21:28] <e_Curves> you can group fuck an underage goat while it pees on you if you want
[21:28] <e_Curves> its not MY thing

10/11/10 [23:18] <ocentertainment> I feel like Microsoft is getting a lot of attention because they came out with something that doesn't immediately look like it sucks.
[23:18] <ocentertainment> which is kind of like giving the retarded kid a cookie because he didn't try to suck his own cock during lunch again.
[23:19] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> but then he spills some crumbs on his crotch and proceeds to suck it anyway
[23:19] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> which is somewhat like winmo
[23:19] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> they just kept sucking their own dicks repeatedly
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> until they got paralyzed from snapping a vertebrae
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> then had reconstructive surgery and started all over
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> now they're in physical therapy (redesign)
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> and we'll see if they can walk again
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> and hopefully not get back to sucking their own dick
[23:20] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> cuz we all know what happens
[23:21] <ocentertainment> Vista?
[23:21] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> Vista

10/14/10 [13:53] <@FutureShock> I am not a worrier
[13:53] <@FutureShock> Or the kind of person who always stresses out
[13:53] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: I have a problem with you.
[13:54] <@FutureShock> ocentertainment: why?
[13:54] <@FutureShock> What's up?
[13:54] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: don't worry about it.
[13:54] <@FutureShock> ocentertainment: don't tell me that and then tell me not to worry about it
[13:54] <@FutureShock> WTF MAN
[13:54] <@FutureShock> Pm me
[13:54] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: I rest my case.
[13:55] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: you worry. lol

10/15/10 [15:19] <N7> Bada featuring Bing!
[15:19] <N7> get it?
[15:19] * N7 was kicked by BuddyRuddy|fucksecks (nope)
[15:19] * N7 (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.dc1f51a3.2b0f6191|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.jn.dc1f51a3.2b0f6191|alliztahc) has joined #whitenoise
[15:19] <N7> -_-
[15:19] <@ocentertainment> N7: mwah mwah mwah mwahhhhhhhh
[15:20] <N7> dude my funny bone is made out of pure gold and you fuckers just dont appreciate me

10/15/10 [15:26] <N7> oh and because i like twilight, im very popular with the ladies in the office lol
[15:27] <@ocentertainment> N7: your emotionally stunted, insecure, borderline pedo lady friends.
[15:27] <%BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> the manic-depressed, overweight, elderly ladies… or the delusional, underaged, teetsucking girls?
[15:27] <N7> all of the above

10/16/10 [15:56] <@ocentertainment> I don't know. I just spend a lot of time at home masturbating to pictures of my great aunt these days. Can't get up the motivation to go see her.

10/18/10 [16:14] <@ocentertainment> wii
[16:14] <@ocentertainment> err.
[16:14] <@ocentertainment> woo
[16:14] <@ocentertainment> dammit

10/20/10 [13:51] <+BlackRanger> THEY SHOW A BLACK GUY TALKING TO A WHITEGIRL
[13:51] <+BlackRanger> I MUST HAVE AN IPHONE 4
[13:51] <+BlackRanger> TO AID MY ADVANCES

10/20/10 [14:01] <+BlackRanger> ONE MORE THING, BITCHES.
[14:01] <@ocentertainment> you're right. the catchphrase COULD use an update.
[14:01] <+BlackRanger> wait no, bitches was the announcement.
[14:02] <@ocentertainment> EVEN BETTER.

10/20/10 [18:36] * %BuddyRuddy|fucksecks krull fuckseckses Raydeeo
[18:37] * Raydeeo spins right round baby right round like recordholder right right right round

10/23/10 [22:39] <jose_072> you anger is like a kitten fart

10/24/10 [01:09] <Chaosmint> I'm going to bed
[01:09] <Chaosmint> I have a soccer tournament tomorrow
[01:09] <Chaosmint> wish me luck

10/25/10 [13:18] <!Odin|phone> Dezerus I once clashed with someone who was seriously trying to argue the virtues of pretty looking computer internals
[13:18] <Dezerus> That was me, Odin.
[13:18] <Dezerus> A long time ago.
[13:18] <%MarcusMaximus> lol
[13:18] <!Odin|phone> It was?
[13:18] <%MarcusMaximus> awkward…

10/26/10 [21:51] <e_Curves> not even if it meant I could tie steve jobs to my bed and torture him with windows media player

11/1/10 [15:33] * N7 wants to point out that not only did he get to use "phooey", he spelled it right
[15:33] <%MarcusMaximus> N7: you're old, we get it.

11/1/10 [15:36] <ocentertainment> ahh, I remember being a teenager, before broadband, trying to discreetly rent American Pie so I could see that scene where the chick starts fingering herself…..

11/1/10 [23:13] <!Odin> A penis that's too big is next to useless
[23:13] <!Odin> I mean yeah you can have a dick the size of your leg
[23:13] <!Odin> But you're never going to fit it in anywhere

11/1/10 [13:09] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: oh great. now I have the mental image of a fat kid with a gasoline-soaked tampon up his ass. fuck you.

11/2/10 [16:24] <%Cyb3r_Punk> Jazz: ever had a shot of skimmed milk?
[16:24] <%Cyb3r_Punk> hard shit.

11/2/10 [21:26] <@Plex> farting women…..is just……..exotic

11/3/10 [18:23] <juliann> im bored
[18:24] <@ocentertainment> juliann: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/games/spankthemonkey
[18:25] <juliann> how fast did you spank the monkey?
[18:27] <juliann> HC is very fast at spanking the monkey
[18:28] <@ocentertainment> juliann: ………….

11/4/10 [13:20] <Raydeeo> My first GF were imported from romania

11/4/10 [19:33] <ithrewitontheground> she shouldn't be shatting on the carpet though
[19:33] <ithrewitontheground> i did

11/5/10 [13:00] <Raydeeo_> I wonder if sperm is flamable

11/8/10 [17:09] <@ocentertainment> zmx15: homo
[17:09] <Chaosmint> Yes!

11/9/10 [12:08] <N7> gof help me. i just thumbs upped a song by the Cardigans on pandora
[12:08] <N7> god*
[12:08] <@Jazz> n7: lovefool?
[12:08] <N7> jazz: lovefool
[12:08] <@Jazz> bahahahahahahahahahaha
[12:09] <@Jazz> queer.
[12:09] <N7> ^

11/12/10 [12:41] <@ocentertainment> e_Curves: I wanna be like you when I grow up.
[12:41] <e_Curves> a voluptuous woman?

11/15/10 [15:51] <!Odin> It's like being charged with rape when you haven't even had any sex
[15:52] <Cyb3r_Punk> Odin: you got charged for raping your own pillow

11/15/10 [15:58] <Chaosmint> Darwinia is starting to get hard!
[15:58] <@Plex> dude…we don't care what you named your penis

11/17/10 [21:01] <@jazz|class> true.. he probably is buttsecksing it up right now
[21:02] * Chaosmint is

11/18/10 [11:46] <Cyb3r_Punk> what does it mean if a girl asks to speak to you alone, gives u a day and place, and then hangs up
[11:46] <@Jasmine> Cyb3r_Punk: are you guys dating?
[11:46] <Cyb3r_Punk> No
[11:46] <@Jasmine> she's trying to kill you.
[11:46] <Cyb3r_Punk> …I knew it

11/18/10 [17:42] <jose_072> my dealextreme-chinese-crapo-dildo just arrived, no more canadians needed to have sex (?)

11/18/10 [20:26] <%Seventhexile> anyone ever had their ass hair burned off … i have
[20:26] <%Seventhexile> thats how you know you ate spicey food

11/19/10 [14:05] <Raydeeo> We don't HAVE fat chicks in sweden

11/19/10 [15:58] <+ThizzNasty> is right wing or left wing the oen i don't like
[15:59] <+ThizzNasty> i can never remember,
[15:59] <+ThizzNasty> I hate when they make politics into little directional and color things.
[15:59] <+ThizzNasty> fuck politics

11/21/10 [18:01] <rjp> Jasmine: when i go into that store, i feel like i should start cross dressing

11/22/10 [13:01] <@askOC> Jasmine: find me a hot chick to have a lengthy conversation concerning ethics and/or large-scale social interactions of economics with?
[13:01] <N7> too long, did not fuck

11/22/10 [16:12] <@askOC> my assistant just went to go take today's video down. let's see if he comes back with the mail.
[16:12] * @askOC tests his coworkers.
[16:12] <@Plex> if he doesn't…….kick him in the ovaries
[16:12] <N7> tear off his labia
[16:12] <%MarcusMaximus> swallow his penis
[16:12] <%MarcusMaximus> I MEAN WAIT

11/23/10 [13:46] <@ocentertainment> fetus-beater.
[13:46] <@ocentertainment> if that were an article of clothing….
[13:46] <@ocentertainment> I'd wear it.

11/23/10 [21:31] <jose_074> i did crossdressing once.
[21:31] <Lord_Data> I dressed up as a cow
[21:31] <Lord_Data> does that count?

11/24/10 [10:11] * N7 ass rapes Smokey with a splintery pole
[10:12]* N7 wrapped in barbed wire
[10:12]* N7 dipped in alcohol
[10:12]* N7 and hot sauce
[10:12]* Seventhexile slaps Smokey around a bit with a SenorPoopypants's used period rag
[10:13]<N7> Seventhexile: thats fucked up

11/24/10 [12:44] <SenorPoopypants> e_Curves: tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes

11/24/10 [6:02pm] cormack: anyone have any ideas why my win 7 install keeps bsod'ing?
[6:03pm] cormack: it gives an error about memory, and that i should turn off memory related things in the cmos
[6:03pm] cormack: and then it doesnt boot again until I reset the cmos
[6:03pm] cormack: could i possibly have bad ram?
[6:05pm] zmx15: cmos is a chip in cameras
[6:05pm] zmx15: canon makes cameras
[6:05pm] zmx15: canon is a brand like nikon
[6:05pm] zmx15: nikon sounds like nike
[6:05pm] zmx15: nike makes shoes
[6:05pm] zmx15: shoes help us walk
[6:06pm] zmx15: segways were invented to replace walking
[6:06pm] zmx15: segways have two wheels like a bike
[6:06pm] zmx15: bike rhymes with dyke
[6:06pm] zmx15: so cormack, your computer is a lesbian

11/29/10 [21:30] <@Decad3nce> I have a stubborn penis.

12/1/10 [09:53] * N7 performs the Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique on ocentertainment
[09:53] <@ocentertainment> kinky
[10:09] * N7 performs the Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique on RaithMoracus
[10:09] <RaithMoracus> …
[10:09] * RaithMoracus walks away
[10:16] * N7 performs the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Cyb3r_Punk
[10:17] * Cyb3r_Punk farts
[10:21] * N7 performs the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Odin
[10:21] <Cyb3r_Punk> He's european, that shit don't work on him.
[10:45] * N7 performs the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on FutureShock
[10:45] * @FutureShock (~X85e09161.3fead21.252bd5c2.3e9fbc22|tahCdnA#X85e09161.3fead21.252bd5c2.3e9fbc22|tahCdnA) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[10:45] <%Smokey> LOL
[10:46] <@ocentertainment> finally.

12/2/10 [21:03] <jose_072> i like the trackpoint
[21:04] <jose_072> it's like a small and rugged clitoris

12/3/10 [14:13] <%Smokey> I would find facebook far more amusing than I do now if it actually had a fuckraep button

12/3/10 [20:29] <cormack|sleeping> i was all set to go to bed, and saw my bed had no bed sheets on it
[20:29] <cormack|sleeping> worst fucking night ever
[20:29] <cormack|sleeping> and making a bed takes ages
[20:29] <cormack|sleeping> i need a wife

12/6/10 [21:18] <%Seventhexile> apparently venison is the closest meat to that of a human vag.
[21:19] <@Plex> …
[21:19] <@Plex> and how do you know that?
[21:19] <%Seventhexile> i saw it on tv

12/6/10 [21:44] <Lord_Data> I once had a dream
[21:44] <Lord_Data> where I was IRCing
[21:44] <%Seventhexile> Lord_Data - do not care
[21:44] <Chaosmint> Lord_Data: STFU e_Curves is talking!

12/6/10 [23:35] <@Decad3nce> You could fap to porn hub and video chat with steve jobs AT THE SAME TIME
[23:35] <@Decad3nce> THINK ABOUT IT.

12/6/10 [23:59] <rjp> i had a friend in college who claimed you're not vegan if you swallow

12/7/10 [09:02] <SenorColdnuts> you know you like it
[09:03] <%BzZz> About as much as I like a dick in the ass.
[09:04] <%Smokey> So a lot then…

12/7/10 [16:12] <%MarcusMaximus> "British researchers found that a small, 75 milligram dose of aspirin taken daily for at least five years reduces risk of dying from common cancers roughly 10 to 60 percent"
[16:12] <%MarcusMaximus> ummm 10 - 60 percent is kinda a big range
[16:12] <@Plex> depends on genetics MM
[16:13] <@Plex> if you are more prone to cancer then 10% i guess
[16:13] <%MarcusMaximus> Plex: still, that's ridiculous, you're talking a 500% margin of error
[16:14] <@ocentertainment|SexPirate> MarcusMaximus: I think he's saying it's not a margin of error, but rather that the effects are that widely varied.
[16:14] <@ocentertainment|SexPirate> you know, like it might reduce YOUR chances by 60%, but only reduce a black person's chances by 10%. since they're cursed by God.
[16:14] <@Plex> lmao
[16:15] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment|SexPirate: ok, THAT makes sense

12/8/10 [17:50] <+Thizz> i love you guys so much
[17:50] <+Thizz> im gonna take you behind the middleschool and get you pregnant

12/9/10 [14:19] * N7 stamps on the fetus
[14:19] <%zmx15> HOORAY ABORTION

12/10/10 [14:30] <jmurph05> also why isn't N7's ass on the list of 12 cavernous cargo holds?

12/13/10 [15:33] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: take it more easy next time, that was a bit rough for me.
[15:33] * N7|worky hands MarcusMaximus a towel and points to his neckline.
[15:33] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: clearly. I've been back for fifteen minutes.
[15:33] <N7|worky> Oce left sumthin on ya
[15:33] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: had to clean up
[15:33] <@ocentertainment> you did a sucky job.
[15:33] <N7|worky> ba dum psh!

12/13/10 [16:22] <WDTAHTM> can guys have orgasms or is that just a girl thing?

12/13/10 [18:58] <@ocentertainment|AFK> I want to have a long, meaningful conversation with a whore.

12/15/10 [09:44] <jose_073> FutureShock we're not therapists, don't forget that.
[09:45] <@Plex> jose_073: we are not therapists …. we are the rapists :P

12/15/10 [21:02] <jmurph05> there's a band named Chevelle
[21:03] <jose_073> what kind of music?
[21:03] <jmurph05> i'll link you hang on
[21:04] <jmurph05> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onqa6aRHDC4
[21:05] <jose_073> Este vídeo incluye contenido de Sony Music Entertainment y no está disponible en tu país. -> translation: get out of here you non-paying third worlder

12/15/10 [22:09] <Cyb3r_Punk> ocentertainment: Arabic differs from region to region. Palestine is like…classic old, so is jordan, syria and lebanon are VERY feminine, egypt is very fluid and smooth, and all gulf is heavy and thick)
[22:10] <@ocentertainment> so, Syria is to Arabic what San Francisco is to English?

12/15/10 [22:45] <@ocentertainment> you know who else was pretty lame?
[22:46] <@ocentertainment> Darth Vader.
[22:46] <@ocentertainment> my grandpa has a respirator, too.
[22:46] <@ocentertainment> he's not so badass

12/16/10 [09:57] <N7> Plex is tied up in my bath tub
[09:57] <jose_073> i envy you

12/16/10 [21:31] <jose_074> i like to know everything about people. i have a excel spreadsheet with the period of my woman friends, just to make fun of them when it comes.

12/16/10 [21:55] <jose_074> some shit said by a random dude: rant. some shit said by an "analyst firm": serious prediction

12/20/10 [13:20] <wdtahtm> How much torque can a penis handle?

12/21/10 [18:09] <jose_073> actually i send mail to my mom's house. she already received a bunch of rubber penises from hong kong and was kind enough to not ask.

12/22/10 [16:08] <@ocentertainment> N7: your wife has an iPhone?
[16:09] <%MarcusMaximus> N7: fuck your wife.
[16:09] <%MarcusMaximus> wait… that didn't work as planned.

12/22/10 [22:12] <jose_073> everyone in usa or europe believes (and behaves) like their have the right to put their hand in our ass when they need it.
[22:13] <@ocentertainment> when would we EVER need our hands in your ass?
[22:13] <@ocentertainment> your argentinian traditions confound me.

12/22/10 [22:53] <SenorPoopypants> COME ONE COME ALL!

12/24/10 [19:58] <otko> people can tell me eat a dick and i am powerless
[19:59] <SenorMcScrooge> otko: EAT A DICK
[19:59] <jose_073> eat a dick
[19:59] <otko> lol
[19:59] <SenorMcScrooge> too slow
[19:59] <jose_073> eat senor's dick first
[19:59] <jose_073> then come for the real deal
[19:59] <jose_073> not some asian peanut
[19:59] * SenorMcScrooge challenges jose_073 to a cock off

12/27/10 [11:33] <@Jasmine> so, I sucked it up and bought $7 face wash last night
[11:33] <@Jasmine> and this morning, I realized it was more than worth it
[11:33] <@Jasmine> i could feel it working. the face wash was like 'blackheads, there's a new sherrif in town…ME'
[11:34] <@Jasmine> And the blackheads were like 'fuuuuuuu bro'
[11:34] <@Jasmine> and the face wash was like 'I didn't want to do this son' and then he shot them with his saylic acid pistol
[11:35] <@Jasmine> all facewash should be that badass

12/29/10 [21:16] <%Seventhexile> my gf just said "i was really impressed with your flexability last night .. you did some strange zen yoga thing .. idk how you moved in that position, but it worked"
[21:16] <%Seventhexile> i'll let her enjoy that and not tell her my back is fucking killing me today

12/31/10 [23:59] <Lord_Data> In addition I pood on Canada from America
[23:59] <Lord_Data> that one was more difficult
[23:59] <%Seventhexile> camping?
[23:59] <Lord_Data> yeah
[00:00] <Lord_Data> Let me tell you
[00:00] <Lord_Data> heving diarrhea
[00:00] <Lord_Data> knowing you'll have to dig hole
[00:00] <branza> ugh
[00:00] <Lord_Data> and still taking the time to take out a map
[00:00] <Lord_Data> and find the Canadian border
[00:00] <branza> that's dedication

1/3/11 [10:38] * N7 imagines a person smearing blood all over the surface of an iPad as they try to use it, cant really think of another image that more adequately describes the conflict minerals situation

1/3/11 [10:47] <N7> so my wife bought me some bucky balls for christmas, and after leaving my families house for the evening my 14 year old nephew slept over my house because he didnt want to go to his moms boyfriends families.
[10:48] <N7> okay so we're playing with the bucky balls at my place having more fun than one should possibly have with rare earth magnets
[10:49] <N7> eventually it gets late and we all go to bed, the next day he goes home and i notice im missing a few of them
[10:49] <N7> i figure they are under a cushion or something
[10:49] <N7> they never turn up, a few days later my sister calls me and says "are you missing anything"
[10:49] <N7> i say yeah some bucky balls
[10:49] <N7> and she says guess where they are
[10:50] <N7> apparently, my nephew took some home and got 16 of them up his dick hole
[10:50] <N7> they then traveled up his urethra and into his bladder
[10:51] <N7> so now theres a clump of neodymium magnets in his bladder, he has a massive infection and he's getting surgery this week to get them out
[10:52] <N7> the best part of this whole story, is when we were opening them up, there are literally like 10 warnings all over the packaging and instructions that say DO NOT SWALLOW, MAY CAUSE FUCKING DEATH
[10:52] <N7> and we pointed it out
[10:52] <N7> he was there
[10:52] <N7> and still, dick hole

[14:13] <N7> UPDATE!
[14:13] <N7> my nephew just got outta surgery
[14:13] <N7> they pulled out, are you ready for this?
[14:14] <N7> 28

1/3/11 [13:10] <@ocentertainment> jmurph05: I liked to be prepared for all horrifying possibilities.
[13:11] <@ocentertainment> want real-life devices that make you cringe? extremerestraints. want impossible images that make you vomit? gurochan. want mind-numbing stupidity that makes you despair for the human race? #whitenoise

1/3/11 [16:19] <@ocentertainment> WHY CAN'T COWS LIKE HAVING THEIR BREASTS FONDLED?

1/4/11 [15:41] <%MarcusMaximus> well, as long as it doesn't involve having sex with N7's wife again. That got boring FAST
[15:41] <N7> ^

1/4/11 [23:14] * @Jasmine kicks ocentertainment in the shins
[23:14] * @ocentertainment (~ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco#ten.xmw-eriwraelc.rag.26a60a21.8e68835|atretneco) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:14] <@Plex> lol
[23:14] <@Plex> that was some kick
[23:14] <@Jasmine> haha… my kick was ultra powerful.

1/6/11 [16:54] <branza> also. phonons are sound particles
[16:54] <branza> science
[16:54] <branza> what the balls

1/7/11 [12:36] <branza> i find that when people are sad there is nothing like a little pussy to cheer them up
[12:36] <Cyb3r_Punk> branza: My gf has the same one
[12:36] <Cyb3r_Punk> its big

1/7/11 [13:03] <N7> god is killing birds because we let women vote

1/7/11 [21:42] <e_Curves> it touches your soul unless you dont HAVE a soul
[21:43] <@Plex> gf is all mellowed out listening to this
[21:43] <e_Curves> it makes me romantic, lol
[21:43] <branza> time to put it in the butt

1/7/11 [21:56] <branza> e_Curves: my dad keeps sending me texts asking me about my cat, but he refers to her as pussy. "how is pussy today? is your pussy happy? have you petted your pussy today? maybe you should go do that. it'll be good for you"
[21:57] <branza> then i find out MOM suggested it
[21:57] <branza> "TELL HER TO PET HER PUSSY"

1/10/11 [16:09] <branza> ain't nothin like a house made of meat to get a girl's juices goin

1/10/11 [21:54] <@ocentertainment> Plex: they are young, they are crunchy, they are nice.

1/11/11 [16:52] <jose_073> branza, guys are like pizza, you call them and in 10 minutes you have them hot at the door

1/13/11 [09:44] <@ocentertainment> I need to find some mexicans….
[09:44] <@Jasmine> ocentertainment: come to washington!
[09:44] <@Jasmine> we have tons!
[09:44] <jose_073> metric tons?
[09:45] <@Jasmine> mexi tons

1/14/11 [15:47] <%zmx15> is adderall just speed?
[15:47] <%MarcusMaximus> zmx15: No, you're thinking of speed.
[15:47] <%zmx15> oh

1/16/11 [14:47] <Thizz> I like chicken in boy shorts

1/16/11 [14:48] <Thizz> Wedgies suck, but girls gotta suck it up
[14:48] <Thizz> Literally

1/17/11 [23:25] <+BlackRanger> branza: sup
[23:25] <branza> no you're too young for me

1/23/11 [21:48] <@Plex> he thinks his foreskin is a cassette player

[21:55] <@ocentertainment> I can only do it if I tell people I'm with a friend.
[21:55] <@ocentertainment> THAT makes it less weird.

1/24/11 [15:48] <@ocentertainment> the hell? this twitter feed is shit.
[15:48] <@ocentertainment> "If we develop a good heart, then whether the field is science, agriculture or politics, since motivation is important these will all improve"
[15:48] <@ocentertainment> good motivations are good. THANKS DALAI LAMA
[15:49] <jose_073> oc: your motivations are not good. they are right, but no good.
[15:49] <@ocentertainment> jose_073: you know what? THAT is wiser than anything I've read on the Dalai Lama's page.
[15:49] <@ocentertainment> fuck.
[15:49] <@ocentertainment> jose is wiser than the mother fucking dalai lama
[15:49] <@ocentertainment> #BIZARROWORLD
[15:49] <jose_073> and i'm half naked too!

1/28/11 [10:26] <MagicalTrev> homos are gay

1/28/11 [14:55] <Thizz> I'm gonna buy a fucking Toyota
[14:55] <Thizz> Fuck
[14:55] <Thizz> *Toyota
[14:55] <Thizz> Fuuuck
[14:55] <Thizz> *yo-yo
[14:55] <Thizz> Really gingerbread keyboard?
[14:55] <Thizz> Really?

1/30/11 [21:36] <@EmoPlex> wtf does pander mean?
[21:36] <branza> EmoPlex: it means you're a whore
[21:36] <@ocentertainment> ^
[21:36] <branza> primarily an attention whore
[21:36] <e_Curves> yeah youre a whore

2/3/11 [21:33] <@jazzerina> ocentertainment: it's so fucking beautiful there (other than the republicans)

2/4/11 [17:04] <%zmx15> ocentertainment: slut
[17:04] <@ocentertainment> zmx15: cum dumpster
[17:05] <%zmx15> ocentertainment: genetic tire fire
[17:05] <@ocentertainment> zmx15: uterine diarrhea
[17:06] <%zmx15> ocentertainment: vaginal spare parts
[17:06] <MagicalTrev> zmx15: Rosie O'Donnell
[17:06] <@ocentertainment> Trev wins.

2/4/11 [17:56] <%zmx15> my mom who is upstairs is skyping my dad who is downstairs in the living room talking about what they want for dinner
[17:57] <@Plex|Afk> z
[17:57] <@Plex|Afk> yell loudly
[17:57] <branza> HEY MA
[17:57] <branza> MA
[17:57] <@Plex|Afk> STOP HAVING CAM SEX
[17:57] <branza> TAKE YER TOP OFF

2/7/11 [20:25] <jose_073> i've eaten pizza, apples, oranges and i want ice cream. i think i'm pregnant :(
[20:25] <jose_073> it's asian!
[20:25] * jose_073 points at SenorPoopypants
[20:26] <jose_073> he's smoking weed instead of breast

2/7/11 [20:57] <@ocentertainment> how do you feel about a woman with vagina nipples sucking the cock of a lava monster while she shits baby octopii on to the head of an amputee?

2/8/11 [16:46] * +MagicalTrev makes a cow disappear.
[16:47] * +MagicalTrev kicks N7, "Disappear, damnit!"
[16:47] * N7 (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.c3b3f453.0454e7a|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.jn.c3b3f453.0454e7a|alliztahc) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
[16:47] <@ocentertainment> O.O
[16:47] <jmurph05> lol
[16:47] <+MagicalTrev> Tada!

2/8/11 [17:46] <Lord_Data> you know what surprises me?
[17:46] <+MagicalTrev> Clowns
[17:46] <Lord_Data> all of these #whitenoise clones
[17:47] <+MagicalTrev> no, I said clowns

2/10/11 [14:45] <!Odin> You know
[14:46] <!Odin> I think the best thing to come out of this mess of a redesign
[14:46] <!Odin> Is how hilarious Nick Dentons twitter feed is
[14:47] <!Odin> It's like if the concept of denial had a twitter account

2/11/11 [19:37] <%zmx15> I hate english teachers who overanalyze everything
[19:37] <%zmx15> sometimes a tree is just a fucking tree
[19:37] <%zmx15> it does not represent the moral suffering of lesbians during the 19th century

2/15/11 [17:49] <jose_073> she's hawt, nice old woman
[17:49] <jose_073> i'd hit her
[17:52] <@ocentertainment> I do not think this means what you think it means.
[17:52] <jose_073> oc, yes
[17:52] * jose_073 pulls out a stick

2/16/11 [10:30] * N7 extends MagicalTrev
[10:33] * +MagicalTrev (ude.cuiu.yrarbil.6b699d22.8e5d0582|tibbim#ude.cuiu.yrarbil.6b699d22.8e5d0582|tibbim) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[10:36] <N7> tada!

2/18/11 [12:36] <Lacara> DUDE
[12:36] <Lacara> I had a ream with Bruce Willis in it!
[12:36] <@ocentertainment> ………………………..
[12:37] <@ocentertainment> you had Bruce Willis in your ass?

2/18/11 [16:43] <e_Curves> hi jose_073
[16:43] <jose_073> sup all
[16:43] <jose_073> curves :3
[16:43] <N7> jose_073 is smitten with e_Curves
[16:43] <e_Curves> no I am not his type
[16:43] <e_Curves> I dont have a penis

2/22/11 [21:17] <%zmx15> plus she is smart and pretty
[21:20] <%zmx15> this is her http://i.imgur.com/CDYA8.jpg
[21:22] <@ocentertainment> zmx15: I offer you generic encouragement because I am too old and/or too young to compliment the physical attractiveness of a teenage girl without it being creepy.
[21:22] <@ocentertainment> also, I'm a guy on the internet.
[21:22] <@ocentertainment> that makes it worse.
[21:22] <@Decad3nce> ocentertainment: Meh
[21:22] <@Decad3nce> zmx15: I'd hit it.

3/1/11 [16:58] <Lord_Data> okay, I need a good game to play with a small group of 8 year olds
[16:58] <Lord_Data> go
[16:58] <N7> doctor

3/1/11 [21:43] <%zmx15> Jose_073: YOU FAIL ZED ENGLISH
[21:44] <Jose_073> zmx15, i don't have to write a full sentence to tell you i'm gonna rip your face and use it like a glove for masturbating my cat

3/2/11 [16:44] <N7> i will shit in the house and make her clean it up
[16:44] <branza> it's refreshing

3/3/11 [15:21] <Thizz> Middle Eastern magic eight ball
[15:22] * N7 shakes it
[15:22] <N7> all signs point to jihad

3/3/11 [15:34] <N7> Smokey: you have no idea how lucky i am. i swear im am in the top .000002 percentile of lucky bastards. the only people higher than me are lottery winners and dudes who have had threesomes

3/4/11 [15:44] <%Zed> if every woman in the US had her period at the exact time the river of uterine discharge would drown is all in its passive aggressive glory
[15:45] <%Zed> torrent "oh hey man, don't get out of the way, im just a fucking wall of period blood, what do I matter anyways…"
[15:46] <%Zed> *crosses arms in disappointment

3/4/11 [4:03pm] ocentertainment: she seems to have orgasmed solely from the act of a blue plasma ghost thing with yellow eyes emerging from her anus.
[4:03pm] ocentertainment: ………….fascinating…..
[4:03pm] rafflesia: getting some ideas? ocentertainment?
[4:03pm] rafflesia: dress up up blue and stuff yourself in a chicks ass
[4:04pm] ocentertainment: rafflesia: well, I'm not thinking of emerging from a chick's ass in an attempt to please her carnally, if that's what you're asking.
[4:04pm] ocentertainment: that would be logistically improbable.
[4:04pm] ocentertainment: sadly
[4:04pm] rafflesia: unless she's reallly slutty and is nice and loose
[4:04pm] rafflesia: then it might be manageable
[4:05pm] ocentertainment: rafflesia: well, given that I am not able to convert my physical structure into a state of pure plasma, navigating my way from the mouth to the anus may prove difficult, regardless of the sluttiness of the girl. small intestines are small, and it would take a really slutty chick and a lot of dudes with really long cocks to widen that canal.
[4:05pm] ocentertainment: still. supposing that one day we evolve into beings of pure energy, I could see this becoming a popular form of sexual congress.
[4:06pm] ocentertainment: perhaps investing early in the "emerging from anus" category of porn would be a prudent investment.

3/8/11 [13:59] <branza> i got hit with the sexy stick this morning
[13:59] <branza> ahhh to be dating again
[13:59] <%MarcusMaximus> branza: That could either mean you feel you look particularly good today or that you got laid…. or both
[14:00] <SenorPoopypants> or she got bludgeoned by a dildo

3/9/11 [16:09] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: damn… now it's too late to put up that (totally false) quote of branza being unsure if she slept with Lord_Data
[16:10] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: I'm sure you'll get your opportunity again.
[16:10] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: watch.
[16:10] * branza (UDE.notecnirP.72d5d893.99dff9d3|tahcbew#UDE.notecnirP.72d5d893.99dff9d3|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[16:10] <%MarcusMaximus> …
[16:10] <@ocentertainment> ……………….
[16:10] <@ocentertainment> HOW THE FUCK DID I DO THAT?
[16:10] <N7> TADA!

3/10/11 [12:41] <rjp_> e_Curves: I asked a lesbian out last night :(
[12:41] <e_Curves> how did that go rjp_
[12:41] <rjp_> e_Curves: I found out she's a lesbian

3/10/11 [13:40] <N7> ocentertainment: you know, reading back through jose's contributions to whitenoise… i think him being hare really helped his mastery of the english language
[13:40] <N7> hear*
[13:40] <N7> here*
[13:40] <N7> GOD DAMMIT

3/11/11 [15:20] <generalissimo> i could swear that the point of lacrosse was to show people that you went to a wealthy high school as a kid

3/13/11 [19:30] <[AiM]SenorPoopypants> im prob like 20% body fat tho
[19:30] <Jose_073> and 80% body weed senor :p

3/15/11 [16:50] <@Decad3nce> fuuu
[16:50] <@Decad3nce> my bouncer is down
[16:50] <@Decad3nce> >;[
[16:50] * @Plex offers thizz
[16:51] <@Plex> make him your bouncer
[16:51] <@Plex> black guy
[16:51] <@Plex> <.<
[16:51] <@Plex> >.>
[16:51] <@Plex> ./racist
[16:51] * @Decad3nce throws a pokeball at thizz
[16:51] <N7> niggamon i choose you
[16:52] * N7 niggamon used Hold up Liquor Store
[16:52] * Lord_Data throwa a VCR at niggamon
[16:53] * N7 niggamon has evolved to GangBangermon

3/16/11 [15:10] <@ocentertainment> you know, that phenomenon never made sense to me anyways.
[15:10] <@ocentertainment> how exactly does one summon a god of untold power, yet have the power to control said god?
[15:11] <N7> unions?

3/17/11 [12:49] <e_Curves> even sex with yourself burns some calories

3/18/11 [09:30] <cormack> and screw the ssd in, and probably glue the dvd panel over the front so it doesnt look derp
[09:30] <@Plex> you gonna rape your new lappy like that?
[09:31] * N7 (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.c3b3f453.0454e7a|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.jn.c3b3f453.0454e7a|alliztahc) has joined #whitenoise
[09:31] <Jose_073> it's not rape, it's an improvement
[09:31] <N7> O.o
[09:31] <Jose_073> hi N7
[09:31] <jmurph05> N7: lol
[09:31] <N7> i dont know whats going on in this conversation but i want in
[09:31] <Jose_073> haha
[09:31] <Jose_073> he just came

3/18/11 [11:04] <@Plex> cyber sex would have been hard in ye olde tymes. sending a letter…..what are you wearing?
[11:04] <@Plex> wait 2 weeks for response
[11:04] <@Plex> "victorian undergarments"

3/18/11 [16:40] =-= Thizznasty was booted from #whitenoise by Thizznasty (Nigger)

3/22/11 [11:47] <@ocentertainment> I just saw one dude shoving his dick up another dude's butt……and it doesn't even phase me.
[11:47] <@ocentertainment> dear IRC
[11:47] <@ocentertainment> you've ruined me

3/22/11 [13:24] <N7> rub it on your boobs
[13:24] <branza> that's a thing we do in eastern europe

3/23/11 [22:13] <Jose_073> guys
[22:13] <Jose_073> big trouble
[22:13] <@Plex> wat?
[22:13] <Jose_073> tongue girl found d/s page and his story
[22:13] <Jose_073> she wants to set me and my cat on fire

3/27/11 [20:46] <branza> you guys
[20:46] <branza> do you ever just
[20:46] <branza> poop SO GOOD

3/29/11 [09:46] <N7> ask ocentertainment if he likes his job
[09:46] <@ocentertainment|SexPirate> I LOVE IT.
[09:46] <@ocentertainment|SexPirate> I ALSO LOVE EATING SHIT AND NEVER HAVING SEX.
[09:46] <N7> i didnt know you were married

[16:20] <%MarcusMaximus> She loved him so much, she killed herself *twice*
[16:22] <Cyb3r_Punk> stupid bitch

4/4/11 [20:24] <jmurph05> lol i have my 12 inch laptop in bed, and my girlfriend goes over to get her 17 inch one. hilarious
[20:24] <jose_073> oh wait… notebooks…

4/4/11 [21:16] <[AiM]SenorPoopypants> whey protein tastes like penis
[21:16] <Plex> ……
[21:16] <Plex> and how do you know what penis tastes like?
[21:16] <[AiM]SenorPoopypants> my girlfriend
[21:16] <[AiM]SenorPoopypants> was cruel
[21:16] <e_Curves> wonders how [AiM]SenorPoopypants has gottent hat knowledge
[21:16] <[AiM]SenorPoopypants> and didnt swallow it all

4/11/11 [16:14] <Plexer> her original name is Olivia COCKBURN
[16:14]<Plexer> heh
[16:15]<N7> this pleases me
[16:16]<Plexer>: also, she's a vegan……so she can't swallow :(
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> im sure its ok
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> if u allow it
[16:16]<Plexer> lol
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> cant let it go to waste
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> i mean
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> come on
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> do you stick to your fkin vegan bs principles
[16:16]<SenorPoopypants> or do you let that cum go to waste
[16:17]<SenorPoopypants> its a blowjob
[16:17]<SenorPoopypants> finish it
[16:17]<N7> you spit it back in SenorPoopypants' mouth
[16:17]<SenorPoopypants> oh ffs

4/12/11 [09:42] <e_Curves> yeah I have played the skin flute a few times myself

4/12/11 [12:56] <@ocentertainment> I want the wrangler.
[12:57] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: is that one of the guys at the gay bar?
[12:57] * +Trev can't determine whether oce is talking about a jeep or a depraved sex toy
[12:58] <@ocentertainment> Trev: seriously?
[12:59] <@ocentertainment> when have you ever known me to want a jeep?
[12:59] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: I find it interesting that it's only his comment that you found ridiculous
[13:00] * +Trev isn't sure whether or not to feel insulted by MarcusMaximus
[13:00] * %MarcusMaximus is under the impression "the wrangler" is the guy from the homemade gay sex tape
[13:00] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: yeah, well, if I try to call you out on yours, you're just going to bring up MORE stories from our old days at the gay bar. you have too many secrets I don't want known.
[13:00] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME.
[13:01] <%MarcusMaximus> AND I BELIEVED YOU. HOW COULD YOU?
[13:01] <+Trev> No, he said "I love what you do to me… anally."
[13:01] <@ocentertainment> ^
[13:01] <%MarcusMaximus> oh
[13:01] <N7> "with a tuba"

4/12/11 [19:10] <jose_073> it's a condom with teeth. you put them in your assvagina, so when the nig- ehm rapist tries to put his zm- dick in you, they got stucked in the teeth and you're attached to the rapist until quirurgical removal

4/12/11 [19:47] <jose_073> Aw don't give me that one sided BS. We, the weed smokers, return to the GDP by sales of Doritos and taco Bell. They should combine Doritos and Taco Bell. Call it Doraco Bellitos. They'll be ground beef in a u-shaped shell of tortilla. I'm so starting a biz. See, weed stimulates the mind.

4/14/11 [21:12] <cormack> android > winmo6
[21:12] <Lord_Data> agreed

4/15/11 [12:47] <N7> my dick is the man
[12:47] <N7> not exactly the best at conversations, but boy do we have a alot of fun together

4/16/11 [19:55] * N7 is now known as RedRingofSex
[19:57] * BlackRanger (X3378fd63.acea13f2.0c48da72.d2f05083|tahcbew#X3378fd63.acea13f2.0c48da72.d2f05083|tahcbew) has joined #whitenoise
[19:58] <jmurph05> RedRingofSex: that sucks man.
[19:58] * LocutusOfBorg sets mode: +o BlackRanger
[19:59] <@BlackRanger> RedRingofSex: try rubbing it off, it might be lipstick

4/18/11 [14:58] <MarcusMaximus> how many calories in the average ejaculation?

4/21/11 [13:07] <N7> week old aborted platypus nazi time traveling fetus anal beads
[13:07] <%MarcusMaximus> N7: that makes no sense.
[13:07] <N7> its a string of week old aborted platypus nazi time traveling fetus'
[13:07] <%MarcusMaximus> oh ok
[13:07] <%MarcusMaximus> that's better.

4/22/11 [09:47] <%Smokey> I've always been curious to see how Canadians poop. Do they poop like normal humans?

[12:54] <%HappinessKiller> BWAHAHAHAHAHA
[12:54] <%HappinessKiller> VulgarMan: Nooooooooooooooo!
[12:54] * %HappinessKiller dies

4/22/11 [10:26] <Thizz> And french canadians are just sleeping dormant, waiting for the revolution
[10:26] <generalissimo> lol, french canadians
[10:27] <Thizz> Je ne sais pas aboot

5/2/11 [21:03] <Chairbear> I ripped my nipple!

5/6/11 [11:11] <@ocentertainment> generalissimo: and I refuse to think that evolution is so rational that my brain thinks "those boobs seem to be of a good size to feed my eventual children, better start running blood to the penis."

5/6/11 [19:32] <Lord_Data> you can't spell "amusement" without "semen"

5/10/11 [15:03] <%MarcusMaximus> huh… so google music is free while it's in beta…. and it's a google product…. so…. free forever?
[15:04] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: Smokey made that joke earlier. :/
[15:04] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: AND ITS STILL FUNNY
[15:05] <%Smokey> ocentertainment: Which joke did I make earlier?
[15:06] <%Smokey> And who should I be angry at for stealing it?
[15:06] <@ocentertainment> Smokey: "google music is free while in beta so it's free forever" and MarcusMaximus.
[15:06] <%Smokey> MarcusMaximus: FUCK YOU
[15:06] * %Smokey goes back to work

5/11/11 [12:19] <generalissimo> ocentertainment and steve jobs kissed once, but i wasn't on the lips so it's not gay
[12:19] <generalissimo> it was on the testicles
[12:20] <@ocentertainment> maybe it's just me though, I guess.

5/12/11 [16:10] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: I just thought I'd point out: Your taste in m night shayamalanskalalalalananananananan movies lines up very closely with N7's
[16:10] <%MarcusMaximus> who also liked twilight.
[16:10] <%MarcusMaximus> JUST SAYIN'
[16:10] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: I'll point out that your taste in gay sex lines up with N7's also. we are who we are. :P
[16:11] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: actually, I'm a little more into the more masculine guys… HEY!
[16:11] <%N7|warkin> i do love me some gay sex

5/15/11 [21:37] <@BlackRanger> I like white people.
[21:37] <@BlackRanger> they're cute.

5/15/11 [23:05] <!Odin> HARDER
[23:05] <!Odin> BETTER
[23:05] <!Odin> FASTER
[23:05] <!Odin> STRONGER
[23:06] <@ocentertainment> Odin: stop describing all the ways your parents are having sex.

5/17/11 [17:34] <@BlackRanger> NO ONE WINS IN POLITICS
[17:34] <@BlackRanger> JUST SKIP TO THE BUTTSEX

5/19/11 [18:25] <branza> i am not sticking my boob in a bowl of water

5/25/11 [16:35] <@ocentertainment> Plex: does "normal use" include masturbating on to the screen? because that could be your issue….
[16:35] <@Plex> maybe that's fuckin' it up

5/26/11 [10:07] <BlackRanger> Everyone should read blood magic by tessa gratton
[10:07] <BlackRanger> She's my friends cousin
[10:07] <BlackRanger> And its a cool book
[10:07] <BlackRanger> it has nothing to do with period blood though, just gonna put that out there

5/26/11 [19:44] <@Plex> 3
[19:44] <@Plex> 2
[19:44] <@Plex> 1
[19:44] <@Plex> >.<
[19:44] * !Odin (~ku.oc.erehteb.dca55b52.aca9eb83|rejusu#ku.oc.erehteb.dca55b52.aca9eb83|rejusu) Quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
[19:44] <@Plex> ha
[19:44] <generalissimo> Plex: are you a wizard?

5/26/11 [19:49] <@ocentertainment> they're like snapping turtles, but with huge cocks
[19:49] <FutureShock|Desktop> I wouldn't want one of those then.
[19:49] <FutureShock|Desktop> Get penis envy because of one of my own pets…

5/31/11 [20:51] <Chaosmint> for example
[20:51] <Chaosmint> here is the 45 line speech I had to memorize
[20:51] <Chaosmint> I know that virtue to be in you Brutus,
[20:52] <Chaosmint> as well as I do know your outward favor
[20:52] <Chaosmint> well, honor is the subject of my story
[20:52] <Chaosmint> I had as lief not be as live to be in awe of such a thing as I myself
[20:52] <@ocentertainment|Home> if this is actually 45 lines you're about to quote…..
[20:52] <@ocentertainment|Home> you are banned so hard.
[20:52] <Chaosmint> …
[20:52] <Chaosmint> ok I'll shut up

6/2/11 [13:44] <ocentertainment> general|web: you make everything hard.

6/2/11 [13:49] <@ocentertainment> it was like lesbian strapon goatse.

6/2/11 [19:50] <@Decad3nce> I just had really, really hot sex
[19:50] <%Zed> the heat is from the warm potatos in his sex sock

6/3/11 [12:42] <freshcelery> nooo
[12:42] <freshcelery> my water exploded
[12:44] <@Plex> lol freshcelery broke his water

6/9/11 [11:38] <Thizz> It was a dance club, I went to meet this girl she didn't actually tell me until I got there it was a guy

6/9/11 [15:28] <%N7> have you ever pushed so hard to get a shit out, then when you open your eyes and look at the floor you get vertigo on the toilet?

6/10/11 [20:15] <%Zed> word 2011 is fantastic
[20:16] <Lord_Data> like your mom
[20:16] <Lord_Data> in bed
[20:16] <Lord_Data> with me
[20:16] <Lord_Data> and BlackRanger
[20:16] <%Zed> Lord_Data: nice try, my mom is a zombie
[20:16] <%Zed> plus she's a jewish zombie
[20:16] <%Zed> so she nags you into eternity

6/13/11 [11:43] <@ocentertainment> zmx15: here’s that fattequin you wanted: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/13/fits-me-imitates-ladies-of-all-shapes-and-sizes-tries-clothes-o/
[11:44] <%zmx15> ocentertainment: i will kill you where you stand…

6/13/11 [12:50] <%MarcusMaximus> now, that guy I heard about last week who installed spyware on women's computers that let him turn on and watch the built-in webcam…
[12:51] <%MarcusMaximus> AND made it pop up a message saying "Your internal sensor may be damaged. Please place computer in a steamy area to allow sensor to re-calibrate"
[12:51] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: you’ve almost gotta admire the balls of a guy like that…
[12:52] * @ocentertainment admires perverts balls.
[12:52] <%N7> mmm
[12:52] * %N7 loves how ocentertainment admires his balls

6/13/11 [14:11] <%ZedrestedDevelopment> ocentertainment|Lunch: did you hear Plex had a girlfriend named Karen who died in a canadian car accident?
[14:12] <@ocentertainment|Lunch> ZedrestedDevelopment: what’s a canadian car accident?
[14:12] <%ZedrestedDevelopment> its where the moose you are riding slips in a puddle of wild maple syrup

6/21/11 [09:55] <branza> THEY RAPE PEOPLE
[09:55] <branza> IN DOLPHIN RAPE CAVES

6/27/11 [10:26] * @ocentertainment accepts all of the incoming cocks.
[10:26] <@ocentertainment> N7: meh. I'm enjoying myself, honestly.

6/27/11 [16:03] <Chaosmint> halp!
[16:03] <Chaosmint> my cursor, it's stuck!
[16:03] <Lord_Data> Chaosmint: try lubing it up
[16:03] <Chaosmint> …
[16:04] <Chaosmint> nvm got it
[16:04] <Lord_Data> I knew the lube would work

7/6/11 [14:18] <Chaosmint> ugh I can't wait until my sister in college
[14:18] <Chaosmint> all the weird smells will go away

7/7/11 [13:08] <%N7> http://i.imgur.com/aVORl.jpg
[13:09] <%N7> gang signs ftw
[13:09] <Lord_Data> I don't think that means what you/he thinks that means

7/7/11 [16:51] <branza> time to masturbate on all the furniture!

7/15/11 [11:02] <Plex> Hermaphrodites don't spoon, they spork.

7/24/11 [01:06] <freshcelery> I hated diaz before it was mainstream
[01:06] <%Lady_Information> ^ultimate hipster
[01:06] <freshcelery> now im in a gay relationship with him
[01:06] <Chaosmint> …
[01:06] <Chaosmint> that was unexpected

7/26/11 [13:15] <%Nyan7> lets see if my anus fairs better today. yesterday was an uncomfortable mess

8/4/11 [10:13] <BlackRanger> i like some heft to my shit

8/7/11 [19:22] <@ocentertainment> Decad3nce. I turn to you for my insider info on gay sex.
[19:22] <@ocentertainment> help me out here.
[19:22] <@Decad3nce> it's not something I'm interested in
[19:23] <jose_073> ocentertainment: i know about gay

8/9/11 [10:57] <%N7> dance around a fire, sing some songs, fuck a sheep, contract polio… welcome to manhood!

8/19/11 14:43] <Cyb3r_Punk> I'm arab. HAIR NEVER STOPS GROWING!!!
[14:44] <@Plex> i'm indian
[14:44] <@Plex> so yeah
[14:44] <+Trev> Translation: furries.

8/26/11 [16:46] <%MarcusMaximus> ALSO, GALAXY TAB 7.7 WITH POSSIBLE SAMOLED+ SCREEN: http://an.droid-life.com/2011/08/26/first-photo-of-the-new-samsung-galaxy-tab-7-7/
[16:47] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: actually….that sounds kinda awesome.
[16:47] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: I'm still partial to ten inches but….
[16:47] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: …hang on.
[16:47] * @ocentertainment looks at N7, expectantly.
[16:47] <%N7> COCK
[16:47] <@ocentertainment> thank you.
[16:48] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: but as I was saying, SAMOLED+ on a tablet would rule.

8/26/11 [18:03] <%N7> 2x24 packs of beer, 8 bags of ice and a fifth of bacardi. im ready for this fucking hurricane
[18:04] <@ocentertainment> N7: you remembered to get food, right?
[18:04] <%N7> uh… what?

[18:55] <%MarcusMaximus> Zed: http://www.jezebel.com

9/1/11 [19:21] <!Odin> I love Hitler

9/6/11 [19:10] <Jose_073> just a few days, rent a hooker you mr-sex

9/8/11 [11:52] <Jose_073> Ironically the self lacing shoes will be a very useful thing for Michael Fox

9/8/11 [22:54] <ithrewitontheground> and I have all As but one B+
[22:54] <ithrewitontheground> I'll have to bring that up
[22:54] <ithrewitontheground> I'm right on the edge
[22:54] <@Plex> suck up to the teacher
[22:55] <@Plex> or suck his dick
[22:55] <@Plex> whichever suits you
[22:55] <branza_> we all gotta put it in our mouth sometimes

9/28/11 [20:13] * @Plex hugs BuddyRuddy|fucksecks
[20:13] * @Plex cops a feel
[20:13] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> GET THE FUCK IN ME
[20:13] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> *OFF
[20:14] <BuddyRuddy|fucksecks> off i swear

9/29/11 [21:08] <Jose_073> at least here in buenos aires even the police are trained to speak in several languages
[21:08] <Jose_073> so you can easily explain the cocaine in your stomach

10/4/11 [01:31] <%N7> i got some mass testosterone coming
[01:32] <%N7> like, cum all over your hairy chest
[01:32] <%N7> a penis with mutton chops wrestling a grizzly
[01:33] <%N7> while wearing a nice suit

10/6/11[21:42] <@Plex> how would you feel if someone threw cold water at you if you were horny?
[21:42] <e_Curves> they call that marriage

10/9/11 [21:50] <@ocentertainment> Plex: that's right. if you ever want to turn from your heathen Hindu ways, and become a Christian, you have to start swallowing your jizz when you fap.

10/9/11 [22:05] <generalissimo> god wants me to pop a viagra and get some extra ladies in my bed so we can have butt-fisting and cum-swallowing good times.
[22:05] <generalissimo> obviously
[22:05] <@ocentertainment> generalissimo: amen.

10/9/11 [14:08] <Thizz> ocentertainment: oh lol, i was just saying inquire about the free windows thing lol.
[14:08] <@ocentertainment> Thizz: oic
[14:08] <Thizz> ocentertainment: No Your OC
[14:08] <@ocentertainment> ioc?
[14:09] <Thizz> ocentertainment: Si

10/12/11 [21:28] <@BlackRanger> psh
[21:28] <@BlackRanger> for my birthday i went to a gay bar

10/14/11 [02:04] <Senor> i need to fapping so much
[02:04] <Senor> porn is so boring now
[02:04] <Senor> ughh
[02:04] <@ocentertainment> Senor: you just need to escalate. move on to some hardcore shit.
[02:04] <@ocentertainment> like a girl schlicking with a lava lamp or something.

10/15/11 [17:57] <%FutureShock> I don't know. I'm not the biggest fan of lots of PDA.
[17:57] <@ocentertainment> FutureShock: is that why you freaked out when I tried to hold your hand that time?
[17:58] <%FutureShock> no, that was because you tried to hold my hand.

10/16/11 [01:37] <@BlackRanger> 2010 was a good year for me, in terms of reconnecting with middleschool girls
[01:37] <@BlackRanger> wait…..
[01:37] <@BlackRanger> THAT CAME OUT WRONG

10/17/11 [01:56] <@ocentertainment> remedy: it's like a tube sock.
[01:56] <remedy> this is the least sexy conversation ever

10/17/11 [13:07] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: by the way, how long has she been your fiancee?
[13:08] <%MarcusMaximus> ocentertainment: ummm ~2 years or so?
[13:08] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY HER?
[13:08] <@BlackRanger> ocentertainment: then well never see him again…..
[13:08] <@BlackRanger> MarcusMaximus: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY HER?

10/19/11 [14:11] <@ocentertainment> tell me if either a.) I'm retarded, or 2.) this makes sense: "While this is a beautiful thing, [LTE is] also very well known for destroying battery life faster than Michael Phelps in a pool of butter."
[14:11] <jmurph05> no, the analogy doesn't make sense
[14:17] <+Trev> It would be better if the compared action was also draining in that case
[14:18] <jmurph05> faster than a keg at a frat party?
[14:18] <+Trev> exactly
[14:20] <+Trev> faster than my will to live when listening to Michelle Bachmann talk.
[14:22] <%Bear> of note: regardless of battery drain, LTE = worth it
[14:23] <%Bear> I don't care if it drains my battery faster than an emo kid drains of blood
[14:24] <@ocentertainment> Bear: you're not bothered if you run out of juice faster than a chronic masturbator that just discovered the internet?
[14:26] <%Bear> ocentertainment: I don't care if it depletes faster than Uranium in Iran.
[14:27] <@ocentertainment> Bear: not even if it runs out faster than a black man after a positive pregnancy test?
[14:29] <%Bear> ocentertainment: not even if it's consumed faster than a donut at Bulimics Anonymous.
[14:31] <@ocentertainment> Bear: What if it's used up faster than a slutty coed's vagina?
[14:32] <%Bear> ocentertainment: Nope. Not even if it diminishes faster than a Jew's penis after orgasm.

10/19/11 [14:31] <!Odin> Guys guys
[14:32] <!Odin> I think you're all forgetting
[14:32] <!Odin> Boobs

10/19/11 [20:48] <@BlackRanger> I could go for sex right now

10/19/11 [23:33] <jose_073> tawnie: put ocentertainment's hand in futureshock's ass so they feel better when they wake up

10/19/11 [22:16] <Lord_Data> I'd totally jack off rhinos for a licing

10/25/11 [20:29] * Plex sets mode: +b *!*@823cf43.2803ef39.ip.windstream.net
[20:29] * FutureShock was kicked by Plex (Plex)
[20:30] * Plex sets mode: -b *!*@823cf43.2803ef39.ip.windstream.net
[20:30] <@ocentertainment> ten bucks says he says WTF when he gets back in
[20:30] * @Plex gives ocentertainment 10 bucks in advance
[20:30] * FutureShock (~ten.maertsdniw.pi.93fe3082.34fc328|luaP#ten.maertsdniw.pi.93fe3082.34fc328|luaP) has joined #whitenoise
[20:30] * LocutusOfBorg sets mode: +h FutureShock
[20:31] <%FutureShock> WTF
[20:31] <@ocentertainment> called it

10/31/11 [21:45] <@BlackRanger> asians have awesome pubes

11/1/11 [00:15] <Jose_073> generalissimo, here you can point at someone's mom or sis and no one will kill you
[00:15] <Jose_073> in another countries you can do that and got killed
[00:15] <Jose_073> here's pretty the opposite
[00:16] <Jose_073> anyone is a "hijo de puta"
[00:16] <Jose_073> or you could see someone to "la concha de tu madre"
[00:16] <Jose_073> you may think i'm lying, just see around
[00:16] <Jose_073> how people fucks everyone's moms in publis

11/2/11 [22:47] <@Plex> someone on reddit linked a video
[22:47] <@Plex> they use a drill machine to castrate horses
[22:48] <@Plex> it was nuts
[22:48] <@ocentertainment> Plex: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[22:48] <@ocentertainment> Plex: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

11/3/11 [22:27] <@BlackRanger> man, i wouldnt mind prematurley ejaculating on mariah carey, touche eminem, touche

11/12/11 [02:47] <@BlackRanger> i dunno if this is going anywhere
[02:49] <@ocentertainment> you should try to make it go to her vagina.
[02:49] <@ocentertainment> I'll root for you.
[02:50] <@BlackRanger> ocentertainment: no offense, but i've seen what you do with su access.

11/13/11 [23:19] <%N7> i would lick the piss from the clit of my boxee box

11/18/11 [12:32] <jose_073> girl with big tits is pregnant
[12:32] <jose_073> so tits will be even bigger
[12:32] <jose_073> i just can't work

11/21/11 [20:29] <@Plex> great…….i step out a few minutes and people are shoving magnets in their dicks again

11/26/11 [21:20] <Jose_073> <WiFi> I only know two things about Argentina.
[21:20] <Jose_073> <WiFi> 1) You make shitloads of coffee.
[21:20] <Jose_073> <WiFi> 2) You practically air porn on
[21:20] <Jose_073> <WiFi> TV as family entertainment.

12/1/11 [20:27] <ithrewitontheground> sticking a match in a dogs ass?
[20:27] <@Plex> isn't what a lot of people do?

12/6/11 [21:48] <%N7> i didnt know my wife could throw up like the exorcist chick before

12/18/11 [22:27] <jose_074> Lesbian bitch, she sees a pussy and go running there, forget to charge her phone and lose my headphones in the middle
[22:27] <jose_074> (My wife)


1/13/11 [21:33] <branza> it has that hot dude from captain america in it
[21:33] <@ocentertainment> Chris Evans?
[21:33] <branza> and he is frequently unclothed
[21:33] <branza> yes!
[21:33] * @ocentertainment drools a bit.

2/22/12 [01:29] <@ocentertainment> sup Xeratun
[01:29] <Xeratun> Not much
[01:29] <Xeratun> Just catching up on HIMYM
[01:30] <@ocentertainment> that show has the worst acronym
[01:31] <Xeratun> Nah
[01:32] <@ocentertainment> hymen
[01:32] <Xeratun> There could be a show called: Nothing In Germany Gets Everything Right
[01:33] <thizzy> your just racist
[01:33] <Xeratun> A show about lovable Germans who mess everything up
[01:35] <thizzy> cribbage racks across carribean kilamanjaro estates realty
[01:35] <thizzy> a show about pro cribbage players and there houses
[01:36] <@ocentertainment> Farms And Gardens
[01:36] <@ocentertainment> on HGTV
[01:37] <thizzy> ocentertainment: ill do you one better
[01:37] <thizzy> ocentertainment: freaks and geeks
[01:37] <@ocentertainment> ^^^ winrar

3/3/12 [20:26] <@ocentertainment> I am in my twenties and still have no god damned idea what the bases are.
[20:28] <SenorHangover> 1st base kiss, 2nd base fingers
[20:28] <SenorHangover> 3rd oral sex
[20:28] <SenorHangover> home run fuck
[20:28] <@ocentertainment> SenorHangover: I bet I could ask ten different guys and get at least five different answers from that.
[20:28] <remedy> first base = kissing second base = boob grab third base = fingering 4th base = sex
[20:29] <@ocentertainment> one down.

3/5/12 [14:53] <jose_073> i don't know who fucked who here. not that i'm not interested but i don't want more problems.

3/21/12 [14:50] <@Lord_Data> does it have achievements?
[14:50] <@Lord_Data> every game needs achievements
[14:50] <@MarcusMaximus> lolno, not sure if it ever will
[14:51] <@MarcusMaximus> it's possible, could go either way
[14:51] <@ocentertainment> like jose.
[14:51] <@MarcusMaximus> ^
[14:51] <jose_073> i saw that coming

4/4/12 [11:32] <@MarcusMaximus> so you're saying HC is forcing you to change your hair color for him. THAT BASTARD
[11:33] * MarcusMaximus gets out his torch and pitchfork
[11:34] <jmurph05> MarcusMaximus: just give it a few weeks, he'll return it for a different color

[00:41] <ocentertainment> goes back to his shit

4/25/12 [02:16] <@ocentertainment> "Why are you looking at me funny?" "Why are you looking funny?" FUCK YOUR ASS WITH YOUR FACE, MOVIE
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> lol
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> they like took the original donnie darko script
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> and made it just dump
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> stupidy
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> stupidity*
[02:18] <@Decad3nce> it makes me stupid
[02:19] <@Decad3nce> I can't even talk about it

5/1/12 [14:30] <jose_073> rape and zolpidem 4all

5/10/12 [19:52] <jose_073> we're all a bit homo
[19:52] <jose_073> don't worry, it's ok
[19:52] <%FutureShock> Fuck you
[19:52] <jose_073> see?

5/16/12 [12:49] <jose_073> the BBC should run a documentary about ocentertainment's sexual life. yesterday i saw one about red-ass monkeys and was very informative.

5/16/12 [17:14] <@MarcusMaximus> Lord_Data: pfff twizzlers are delicious, regardless of the orifice used for ingestion

5/17/12 [21:12] <@Plex> tawnie: wanna see a hot wax sex scene?
[21:12] <@ocentertainment> yes
[21:13] <@Plex> http://bit.ly/JkDf3R
[21:15] <%FutureShock> Is it hot?
[21:18] <@ocentertainment> of course. it's wax, dude.

7/23/12 [11:57] <@ocentertainment> MarcusMaximus: you missed it.
[11:57] <@ocentertainment> I just had the world's most depressing epiphany.
[11:57] * @Lord_Data pulls his pants back up
[11:58] <@Lord_Data> you're damn right he did

8/2/12 [22:43] <Chaosmint> I fuck man ass

8/17/12 [16:03] <generalissimo> does anyone know of any noisers who live in missouri?
[16:07] <@ocentertainment> generalissimo: hang on. let me check my detailed map of where #whitenoise members live.
[16:07] <generalissimo> ocentertainment: lol… okay where am i right now?
[16:08] <@ocentertainment> generalissimo: http://i.imgur.com/B2PoV.png nope. sorry, doesn't look like there's anyone I know of there.
[16:08] <@ocentertainment> you…are not on my list.
[16:08] <generalissimo> omg it's real.

9/6/12 [18:08] <!Odin> Abortion has been around nearly as long as women have been having babies. I see no reason to change that. If she wants to get rid of the baby she can do it. You may as well tell people they can't kill themselves.
[18:08] <@MarcusMaximus> Odin: we do.

9/9/12 [21:30] <@ocentertainment> PRESENT YOUR ASS
[21:30] <@Plex> (_*_)
[21:50] <Chaosmint> so beautiful

9/17/12 [21:51] <@N7> he's probbaly just like me, busty as fuck
[21:51] <@N7> busy*
[21:51] <@N7> BUSY*
[21:51] <imneveral0ne> LOL
[21:51] <@N7> god damn it

11/5/12 [22:51] <@ocentertainment> I fucking hate dark chocolate
[23:04] <@Lord_Data> ocentertainment: I fucking love dark chocolate you sub-human
[23:04] <@Lord_Data> clearly we must fight to the death now
[23:05] * @Lord_Data (~ten.tsewq.slpm.e3c9caa2.a7ecf362|ataD_droL#ten.tsewq.slpm.e3c9caa2.a7ecf362|ataD_droL) has left #whitenoise
[23:05] <@ocentertainment> I win.

11/28/12 [18:13] <@Lord_Data> MarcusMaximus: can you prove Jesus WASN'T a raptor?
[18:13] <@ocentertainment> Lord_Data: the fossil records indicate that the Messiah was a clever girl.

[20:20] <@Lord_Data> we're arguing about a device that isn't out, how it compares to a device that doesn't exist, at a price point we made up
[20:21] <@Lord_Data> WE SHOULD BE IN POLITICS

5/21/13 [19:43] * Odin (ku.oc.erehteb.57784cb3.6da6a98|nidO#ku.oc.erehteb.57784cb3.6da6a98|nidO) has joined #whitenoise
[19:44] * Odin Darth Vaders

5/31/13 [15:27] <!ocentertainment> http://youtu.be/KzJNYYkkhzc
[15:41] <@Lord_Data> ocentertainment: that looks great
[15:42] <!ocentertainment> I know, right?
[15:42] <N7> looks good until you see Jesse Eisenbergh
[15:42] <N7> then you convulse
[15:42] <N7> bleed from the eyes and ears
[15:42] <N7> and die
[15:43] <!ocentertainment> N7: Zombieland. Your point is invalid.
[15:46] <N7> ocentertainment: The Social Network and Adventureland. YOUR argument is invalid
[15:46] <!ocentertainment> The Social Network validates my argument.
[15:47] <!ocentertainment> I fucking love that movie. More than I love your ass.
[15:47] <N7> I think otherwise
[15:47] <N7> that movie was crap
[15:47] <N7> he sucked so bad i wanted the Winklenut twins to win
[15:47] <@Lord_Data> Twilight, your argument is invalid
[15:47] <N7> fuck
[15:47] <N7> i hate this place

6/3/13 [15:04] <!ocentertainment> sup Odin
[15:04] <!ocentertainment> how ya been old chap?
[15:05] <Odin> Usurped.
[15:05] * !ocentertainment picks up his glass of brandy, strokes his white cat.
[15:05] <!ocentertainment> Indeed.

6/24/13 [13:21] <@Lord_Data> that was clearly not actually an omelette, it was really just scrambled cum

7/1/13 [17:38] <@Lord_Data> tungsten is ~$47/KG atm
[17:39] <@Lord_Data> depends how flat you pound it I guess
[17:39] <@MarcusMaximus> ^
[17:39] <@MarcusMaximus> also, that's what she said
[17:39] <%FutureShock> Groan
[17:40] <@Lord_Data> ^also what she said

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