deer jchen

Subject: Yo dawg, I herd Odin got banned

body: that's cool I mean he was an ass anyways, right? always so pompus and
arrogernt talking about how terrible the iPhone is clearly it is a
mother fucking god send from the cock of jobs

im not being sarcastic

i luv the stuff that comes out of jobs' penis and if odin cant handle
that, then tough shit on him. i understand that we're past phone specs
and features. shit like can it get me from place to place or is it
easy to browse the web, or can i make fucking phone calls with
it……..sheeeeeeiiit, man dat's not important. you know what i wanna
know? does facetime make you wanna lick people

i have a girlfriend. i want to lick her. but she lives liek ten
minutes away and thats DRIVING. i dont have a car i cant go over there
all the time but i still wanna lick her now i know i can because you
licked matt. or matt licked you. something.

anyways seriously thanks for the review it was awesome of you to tell
me all about your life and how your wife hates you flashing her and
your dad speaks chinese. i think this solidified my purchase decision.

is it weird if i tell you i love you? cuz i do.

k bye


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